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Townhomes and HOA

Townhomes and HOA

Multi-Family Unit projects include homeowner associations, apartments, townhouses, and condo painting.  With these projects the painting know how is important but the real trick is managing all of the tenants. HOA painting requires careful planning, coordination, and working in a way that minimizes disruption to residents. We offer the same experience, service, and expertise as with all of our commercial and residential projects with the added service of managing dozens of tenants at one time.

Townhouse Painting By Webfoot Painting Bend, OR

Successfully painting of any multi-family complex requires a process that keeps all the tenants informed and cooperating.  We have the processes, tools, and information notices in place to make sure every tenant in a building has there windows closed, porches clear, and cars out of the way for pressure washing.  We know how to sign each tenant up for a date and time to have their front door unlocked for painting.  We know how, when, and how frequently we need to inform the tenants in order to get their cooperation and for general updates to keep them happy and informed on our progress.  We can provide the same level of customer service as if each tenant is our sole customer, managing 10, 20, even 100+ tenants, so you don’t have to.  Anyone involved with an HOA, apartment, townhouse or condo can appreciate the level of stress that can be alleviated by our management of your painting project.


HOA, apartment, townhouse and condo painting projects require an organized, systematic approach to planning, management, and eventual completion of your painting project.  Often times it requires more customer service skills, patience, and occasional diplomacy to be successful- beyond just basic painting know-how.  By hiring Webfoot Painting for your Multi-Family Unit painting project, you’ll be ensured a smooth project resulting in an exceptional painted building and happy owners and tenants.  


Townhouse Painting By Webfoot Painting Bend, OR

For more on what we can do for your multi-family project please read our Commercial Painting page covering both interior and exterior commercial painting and the challenges with these larger projects. 

Ask us about our Reserve Study services and discounts for neighborhood cooperative painting projects.

"Webfoot Painting made a large painting project simple! Right from the start they were professional and easy to work with. They were on time with their bid and once the work started they were on the job site every day. I received great complements from the residents of the buildings being painted. One stated "these are the most professional workers I have ever seen". I'm very happy to have chosen Webfoot Painting for this project!" Audrey M. Property Manager for Cedar Creek Townhomes 


From her tenant... "Hi Audrey......As you probably know the painting crew are working on my #51 unit building this week. Without a doubt this is one of the most conscientious contractor / workmen I've ever had the pleasure of watching in the 20 years I've lived in Cedar Creek. Good choice, if asked would gladly write a referral letter recommending this company for their above and beyond business ethics and performance." Norma

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