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Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Eagle Crest Interior Painting - Webfoot

When painting indoors, our biggest concern is protecting your home and all that lies within it.  You’re inviting us into your home as a guest, and we don’t take that for granted.  We treat your home as if it were our own and take extra care when moving any of your furniture or belongings.  

Before any prep work begins or paint cans get opened, we layout clean, interior painting-only drop clothes throughout the entire space where we’ll be working.  If we’re working over hardwood floors, we take extra precaution and roll out heavy-duty rosin paper first for further protection from impact and scratching.


Now we’re ready to tackle our prep work!  Nail holes and wall anchors get repaired, cracks disappear, and any needed texturing is matched to perfection.  For a complete breakdown of our prep process, explore Interior Painting Prep.

Now that the walls are patched, floors and furniture are protected, and the trim is masked off, it’s painting time!  Unless we’re using the same colors as before, like in a maintenance situation, we want to apply two coats of a high quality interior paint to all surfaces.  We recommend using zero VOC, low-odor products when painting indoors.  This will protect your indoor air quality, making the process a lot more comfortable on younger kids and pets.  For information on green painting products and VOC’s, visit our FAQ page!


When we’re done, everything gets put back to its proper place, we sweep and vacuum all your floors, and wipe down your countertops where we’ve been working.  It’s like we were never there, but now you have beautiful new colors throughout your home.


Don’t want to be there for the painting process?  No problem!  Many of our customers agree and choose to take vacations while we work in their homes.  In most cases this situation allows for great efficiency and can even equal lower costs for you.  We take care of all the test patches, entry instructions, and other details before you leave.  When you vacation is over, you have a clean, fresh looking home to look forward to!

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