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Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Considering making an interior design change?

Painting your home can make a bold statement, provide a soft backdrop, or revive your tired walls with a fresh, clean look.

When painting indoors, our main concern is protecting your home and everything inside it. You’re inviting us into your house as a guest, and we don’t take that for granted. We always treat your property as if it were our own, taking special care when moving your furniture and belongings. 

Preparing Your Home

Before any paint cans get opened, we focus on prepping the space to ensure your furniture is protected. This process includes: 

  1. Carefully moving and covering furniture and personal belongings
  2. Laying drop cloths and heavy-duty rosin paper to protect your floors
  3. Removing wall hangings, outlet covers, and light switch plates
  4. Cleaning wall surfaces and sanding any woodwork 
  5. Taping edges and trim (all molding, windowsills, baseboards)
  6. Setting up a staging area for pouring paint, storing paint cans, and cleaning brushes

Check out this cabinetry painting makeover to get a glimpse of the extensive prep work we do at Webfoot! 

Repairing Your Walls

Now we’re ready to tackle patching and repairs! Webfoot has a dedicated team of drywall repair experts ready to spackle, patch, mud, caulk, sand, and texturize. Surface repairs vary  depending on the level of damage, and they require the right tools and experience. We’re equipped to handle all your drywall needs

  • Fixing ceiling cracks
  • Filling nail holes and dents 
  • Repairing corner beads
  • Repairing nail pops
  • Patching large holes 
  • Matching drywall texture

While we’re working on making your walls good as new, consider installing crown molding, updating your mantle, or replacing your baseboards. Webfoot’s interior carpentry service offers versatile and creative ways to upgrade your interiors.  

Priming & Painting 

After the floors and furniture are protected, the trim is masked off, and walls are patched, it’s painting time! When selecting the right type of paint for your project, our expert crew can recommend the best finish, line, and brand of paint for your space. 

Unless we’re repainting for maintenance purposes and using the same colors as before, we’ll apply two coats of  high quality interior paint to all surfaces.  We recommend using zero VOC, low-odor products when painting indoors.  This type of paint promotes better indoor air quality, making the process more comfortable for kids and pets. For more information on green painting products, VOCs, and paint sheen levels, visit our FAQ page

If you need advice on selecting the right color, we’re here to help! Check out these 10 Color Trends for Home Design in 2020 for some inspiring new hues. 

Wrapping Up

When we’re done, everything gets put back exactly as we found it. We sweep and vacuum all your floors and wipe down your countertops. It’s like we were never there, but now you have beautiful new colors throughout your home!

Don’t want to be there for the painting process?  No problem!  Many of our customers choose to take vacations while we work in their homes.  In most cases, this situation allows for great efficiency and can equal lower costs for you.  We take care of all the test patches, entry instructions, and other details before you leave.  When your vacation is over, you have a clean, fresh-looking home to return to! 

If you’re wondering how much an interior paint job costs , remember that a higher price point often means better quality, accountability, and warranties. For more information about our interior painting service or to receive a free estimate, contact our Seriously Great painting team today!

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