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Heat Cable Service

Heat Cable Service

What’s the Best Way To Protect Your Home from Ice Dams in Bend, OR?

There’s a lot to love about our Central Oregon winters, but ice dams certainly don’t make the list. Ice dams form along your home’s roofline as water leaves the warmer surfaces over your attic, and is suddenly exposed to the frigid air over your eaves. Every year we see firsthand the carnage they can cause, from damaged roofs and gutters to extensive water intrusion. As a full-service painting company, we are often called in to help erase the aftermath, but we’d much rather help our friends and neighbors prevent the issue altogether. We'll identify the problematic points on your home, and then install premium heat cables that prevent the water from freezing.

More About Webfoot Heat Cables

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What Makes Our Roof Heat Cables Effective?

It all comes down to Serious quality. We skipped the flimsy big box options, heading right to the good stuff:

  • Commercial-Grade Product with a 5-Year Warranty: A high quality design with a 16-gauge tinned-copper wire core and a second layer of braided tinned-copper mesh to effectively distribute heat throughout the wires.
  • Durable & UV-Stable: Featuring an outer jacket made of UV-resistant, rugged polyolefin for maximum durability. As a result, they can be on your roof for years without deteriorating.  
  • Self-Regulating & Energy Efficient: Able to self-regulate and adjust their heat based on the temperature, making them energy efficient.
  • Available as Plug-in or Hard-Wired: Versatile, so you can choose the system that works best for you.
  • Installed by Teams of Professionals: Webfoot's teams are experienced and highly qualified with miles of heat cable installation already completed!

Did You Know...

We learned over our years of dealing with ice dams that some insurance companies won’t cover a second ice dam event if preventative measures were never put in place after the first. Play it safe! Contact us for consultation, and make sure your home is fully protected.

Contact Us Today To Discuss Your Heat Cable Needs!

We’re here to help. Seriously. Give us a call to discuss your home’s specific needs, and to address any questions or concerns you might have. We’ve seen firsthand what our heat cables can do, and we’d love to share the peace of mind with you.

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