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Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair
Webfoot Patch and Paint - Bend, OR Drywall

In 2014 we launched an exciting new drywall repair division at Webfoot.  We imagined a world where holes left by door knobs were no longer left behind.  A place where the ghosts of bathroom towel racks were no longer visible.  A place where the expertise of two separate contractors were rolled into one seriously great package.  Now finally a team exists that can come into your home or office, repair a drywall hole and match the drywall texture with precision, and then paint that wall to say goodbye to those old holes forever.  Webfoot’s drywall repair and patching service is now available for all residential and commercial customers.  Our promise is to be responsive, affordable, and provide you with seriously great service and exceptional drywall repair and patching work. 


Don’t settle for less when you can have it done by the best.  Improper fixes are not only eye-sores, they can become extremely time consuming and expensive over the long run. We can repair even the most challenging drywall repairs in your home or workplace. Just a small hole?  Easy as pie.  Multiple holes in a large space?  Well then let’s have some ice cream with that pie (it’s also easy for us). 


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