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Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Refinishing

Updating your kitchen doesn’t mean paying for completely new cabinetry! The cost for prefab or custom cabinets can make a serious dent in your wallet. Plus, the process of building custom cabinetry is a big undertaking, causing a disruption in your daily home life. 

If your kitchen cabinets are fully functional, but the wood grain is turning pale grey from water damage or fading from years of direct sunlight, consider refinishing or retoning.  Cabinet refinishing is a totally different approach than painting your cabinets. (Think natural wood stain vs. solid color. )  

Refinishing is a great way to extend the life of your cabinets without the expense of replacement.  Throw in some new knobs and pulls and… BOOM! Did you get a new kitchen? 

5 Reasons to Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets

1. They’re dull and faded from years of wear and tear. 

  • Door Wear - The doors that get the most abuse are the kitchen sink, dishwasher, stove, prep areas, and garbage/recycling drawers.  The first signs typically show on the top edge of the door, where all the gross stuff tends to catch- go figure!
  • Side Panels - These are the large sections of wood panels on the sides of refrigerators or outside edges of the cabinets.  They’re subject to extra UV from nearby windows, making them dry out and fade. 
  • Islands - Maybe you have a bar top and the kids kick the back of cabinets incessantly. Agh! Shoes, pets, and kids can all be tough on the island.  It's like a mini race track for them and it’s hard on your cabinets. 

2. They look outdated. Are your cabinets stuck in the 1980s?

That classic golden pecan finish was all the rage decades ago, but never came back into style. Cabinet Toning is a great way to update your finish and doesn’t require sanding, stripping, and re-staining.

3. Your kitchen needs a makeover, but you’re on a budget.

The estimated cost of replacing your cabinets can go as high as $30,000. Refinishing or re-toning your cabinets is just a small fraction of that cost and will make your kitchen look like new! 

4. You’ll keep the rich, natural wood stain.

If you’re not crazy about painting solid colors over your wood cabinets, retouching and refinishing the traditional and timeless wood stain is a perfect option. You’ll increase the longevity of your kitchen, too! 

5. You’ll add value to your home. It’s a simple upgrade that transforms a tired space and adds resale value, too.

Our Cabinet Refinishing Process

Webfoot approaches each project with your specific goals in mind, tailoring our services to fit your needs. As a general rule, our cabinet jobs include the following preparation and techniques:

When staining new cabinetry, we apply 2-3 coats of clear coat. 

For older cabinets that are just a little tired and in need of refreshing, we complete the following:

  •  Surface preparation
  •  Stain application or touch up
  •  Apply 2-4 coats of clear coat
  •  Sand between coats as needed

Cabinet Painting

Maybe you’re tired of the antiquated wood tones and want to venture into solid color! Our cabinet painting service is a modern alternative to refinishing and staining.  

We’re happy to answer questions about how to update your kitchen cabinets! 

To discuss your options, costs, and obtain a free quote--contact us today!

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