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Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Painting


Updating your kitchen doesn’t mean paying for completely new cabinetry! The cost for prefab or custom cabinets can make a serious dent in your wallet. Plus, the process of building custom cabinetry is a big undertaking, causing a disruption in your daily home life. 

Painting a solid color over outdated wooden cabinets gives your kitchen a fresh and modern new face.  Cabinet painting is a totally different approach than refinishing your cabinets, and both have design appeal, depending on your style preferences. (Think solid color versus natural wood stain.)  

Painting is also a great way to extend the life of your cabinets without the expense of replacement.  Throw in some new knobs and pulls and… BOOM! Did you get a new kitchen? 

5 Reasons to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

  1. You choose the style. The beauty of this process is that you sit in the driver’s seat, completely controlling your kitchen’s makeover. If you’re decidedly against painting white (because even though they’re beautiful, keeping white cabinets clean is a struggle!), here are some other brilliant color options to choose
  2. It’s affordable.Your cabinet transformation will cost only a fraction of the price for a full replacement. Check out this helpful guide on the cost to paint kitchen cabinets.
  3. It’s efficient. Compared to waiting for custom-built cabinetry or a tear down and new installation, repainting is a faster process! Depending on the size of your kitchen, it can take less than five days. 
  4. It’s more convenient. We totally understand how important your kitchen is to the flow and function of your home. Painting your cabinets is a much less intrusive method than a total replacement.
  5. You’ll add value to your home. It’s amazing what a solid color of paint can do for your kitchen cabinets and subsequently, your home. It’s a simple upgrade that transforms a tired space and adds resale value, too. Get inspired with these 6 stunning kitchen makeovers

Our Cabinet Painting Process

Webfoot approaches each project with your specific goals in mind, tailoring our services to fit your needs. As a general rule, our cabinet jobs include the following preparation and techniques:

  • Washing cabinets thoroughly to remove contaminants
  • Mechanical or chemical sanding to degloss the surface (when covering an existing stain or lacquer)
  • Using a special bonding primer that will adhere to a variety of surfaces
  • Caulking seams as needed
  • Applying our finish coats (typically two full coats)

For a closer look at our process, check out this seriously great cabinet painting project from start to finish: 

Cabinet Refinishing

Do your cabinets desperately need an update, but you prefer a rich, more natural wood tone? Our cabinet refinishing service is the perfect alternative to painting! Restore your cabinets to their original wood stain or consider re-toning for a refreshed finish. 

We’re happy to answer questions and provide more info on cabinet painting and refinishing. 

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