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Our values

Our Values

At Webfoot we strive for no less than Ravings Fans.

By listening, learning, and caring for people we develop them within our team and our community. With everything we do, and we do a lot, we strive to be the very best. And, we have serious fun doing it because nothing brings us more joy than stark raving, lunatic fans of WEBFOOT!

At Webfoot, we’re serious about:


Our top priority is serving our community right here at Webfoot. We recognize that Webfoot has a community all its own, starting with a strong team of employees, to our vendor partners, and ending with our loyal customers. We want everyone within our community to be a Raving Fan of Webfoot. At Webfoot we take care of our own, support each other’s growth and prosperity, and always have each other’s back.
Community also means embracing the Central Oregon community that supports us by supporting local causes and giving to others through Project Serious, Carving for Kids, numerous charitable donations and volunteerism. It means we choose to be leaders in the community and inspire others to follow the Webfoot Way. We support volunteerism, we partner with non-profits and serve on their boards and committees, and we behave as first-class citizens within our community. It’s important that as Webfoot grows, our commitment and impact on the community grows with us.


We work in specialized roles on specialized teams, in a coordinated way to offer multiple services with craftsman level quality and a Seriously Great customer experience- from start to finish. To win as a team we have clear lines of accountability and hold ourselves accountable. We appreciate each other for our strengths, we respect our differences, and we give each other the benefit of the doubt because we are solutions-oriented in our pursuit of shared goals. We communicate with each other often to keep our teammates informed and our customer experience intact. We win as a team and we celebrate as a team!

Being the Best

We strive to be the very best contracting company around. In our pursuit of excellence, we compare ourselves to the best in all industries. When faced with decisions, we ask ourselves “what would the best do?” to guide us. We plan, prioritize, and embrace continuous improvement initiatives that are in line with our vision and goals. We seek personal development, professional growth, and health in our pursuit of becoming the best versions of ourselves and bringing our best to work each day. We embrace challenges and change in this pursuit because the best is always improving.

Not taking ourselves too Serious… Seriously

We have fun at Webfoot! Our brand is fun, we celebrate our wins in fun ways, we have fun team events, and we provide a positive place to work. When Webfoot is involved in something we bring value, we have an impact, and we bring the fun!