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What Makes Our Roof Heat Cables Different?

What Makes Our Roof Heat Cables Different?

To say that people are excited about our heat cables would be a SERIOUS understatement. Since we’ve been rolling out photos and details, we’ve been literally swamped with requests for more info and estimates for installations.

So, what’s the big deal? We’ve got a lot of helpful info below, including an interview with Gavin, but you also may want to check out this roof heat cable FAQ list, too.

How To Prevent Ice Dams

First and foremost, our cables are important because they stop ice dams from forming on your roof line. And, if you’ve spent the last couple of winters here in the Bend area, you know how crucial this is.

Ice dams have been creating devastating damage, causing water to backflow into people’s homes, plus the damage to gutter systems, siding, and more.

Roof heat cables prevent these dangerous dams from forming at all, allowing water to melt/drain from your roof as it’s designed to.

What Makes Our Heat Cables Different?

Sure, you can run to your favorite big box store and find some pretty cheap options. But, take it from us: they don’t always perform the way you need them to, creating a false sense of security.

Here are 4 key ways that ours stand out!

#1: Commercial-Grade with a 5-Year Warranty

Lower-grade options are much flimsier, and come with a 1or 2-year warranty at best. The value suddenly drops when you have to replace every couple of years when something goes wrong.

#2: UV Stable

Constant exposure to sunlight? Not an issue. Our heat cables are UV-stable, meaning you don’t need to worry about them degrading over time.

#3: Self-Regulation

This is HUGE! So, most heat cables have either an ON or OFF position, making them not super efficient. Ours are self-regulating, meaning that they will warm up on their own as temperatures drop, and cool down on their own when temps begin to rise. Much more efficient!

#4: Plug-In or Hard-Wired: Your Choice!

Our cables offer versatility! You can either choose a system that plugs in, or one that’s hard-wired right to your circuit breaker. 

#5: Experienced Heat Cable Installers

Our team is hands-down the most experienced heat cable installers in the area. This year ALONE we have installed over 8 miles of heat cables on Central Oregon homes! 

Contact Us Today To Chat About Your Ice Dam Problems, and Our Solutions

We’re always happy to talk with you, and our estimates are free! Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss all the potential for your home. 

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