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What Factors Influence The Cost Of A New Deck?

What Factors Influence The Cost Of A New Deck?

Everyone that owns a deck knows how great it is to be able to enjoy a cozy outdoor space when the weather warms up. A deck is a place where we can gather with our friends and family, a place to have an epic cookout, or just a quiet area to lounge and enjoy some rest and relaxation. A quality deck is easy to appreciate for years to come! The process one must go through to purchase a deck, however, isn’t something we imagine excites most people. There are several variables to consider, and, for many of us, the most important consideration is cost. 

Cost is frequently the number one deciding factor consumers face when making a large purchase, so it’s no wonder it drastically affects the way we shop. Lucky for you, Webfoot Painting has laid all the groundwork for you (see what we did there?)—we have the inside scoop on everything you’ll want to consider before you’re even given a quote from the pros. Read on to learn about which factors can affect your deck build and ultimately your pocketbook.

What Factors Influence the Cost of a New Deck?


Not all decks are created equally; it’s no surprise that size will be a big factor where cost is concerned. A deck that’s just 50 square feet can come out to well over $1,000 once labor and materials are considered. It will be easier to determine what size your deck needs to be once you are able to determine the primary use of your deck.

Primary use: 

This refers to how you will be using your deck most of the time, and it’s an important question to ask yourself.

Will your deck be used to support a hot tub? Or simply a place to host guests? Will you use your deck primarily for barbequing and lounging? The main use of your deck will matter when you consider weight limitations, so make sure you have an idea of how you intend to enjoy your new space before you start making calls to contractors.


What material will we use to build your deck? Webfoot Painting offers a wide range of deck building materials; from hardwoods (ipe or mahogany) to softwoods (cedar, pine/fir, redwood), and even recycled materials (composite decking). 

Composite decking is historically more expensive than natural materials but now comes in a variety of options that can make your deck build a bit cheaper when compared to the cost of some woods, like cedar, for example. This is because most cedar is imported from Canada; with an increase in tariffs, the cost of cedar has gone up significantly. With all of the materials we have available to build your dream deck, you’re sure to find something that fits your style and budget.


How often will you need to repair or restore your deck? Composite decking is certainly more durable and requires less maintenance, but decking made from natural materials can be cheaper. However, once you factor in maintenance, that all goes away. Decks made from natural, wooden materials will need to be resanded and refinished several times throughout the life of the deck. Those costs can add up. Moreover, composite decks have a 25-year warranty against material failure and fading. Decide carefully how much time and energy you are willing to put in to make sure you end up with a product you are happy with, not one you dread seeing every season.


When you decide to have your deck built can affect cost. We can get a deck built in the wintertime, no problem. It does take a bit longer but we won’t charge you more for the extra time we will need to spend building your deck. We are also more available to you in the winter as our schedules aren’t as busy. Another bonus to having your deck built in the wintertime is that if you need a permit, they are more easily obtained during colder months.


Cost can be affected by permitting. In the state of Oregon, if you plan to build a new deck, a deck that utilizes three or more steps, or a deck that sits 30 inches or more above ground, then you will need a permit from the city. Permits can also take some time to obtain depending on when you are applying for one. Permits can take anywhere from weeks to months to obtain during the busy season, so you’ll want to make sure to apply for a permit long before you’ll need it. Additionally, the cost of a building permit fluctuates greatly depending on where you are located, so you’ll want to check your area’s permitting website to find out about the associated costs and fees.

Freestanding Deck Versus Attached: 

Freestanding decks (detached) are cheaper as they do not require an additional structure to function normally. Attached decks need to be bolted to a home and rely on the structural integrity of your home for stability. If your home is older, this may not be the way to go. We recommend going with a freestanding deck as it can be built to whichever specifications you like and will not result in putting unnecessary stress on your home.

Other Important Minor Details to Consider

Webfoot Painting likes to get everything right, down to the very last detail. Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are a few more in-depth items to consider when thinking about your dream deck.


This is a small band of wood that borders the deck. This band of wood is for aesthetic purposes, but it can really make a difference in how your deck looks and feels. Fascia is placed between the deck boards and the deck skirting. It can be single, double, triple, or you can choose to omit the fascia altogether.

Deck Skirting:

Deck skirting refers to the material that covers the unused, bottom portion of your deck. There are several attractive types of deck skirting available, from wooden lattice, fencing, siding materials, composite materials or no skirting at all if that’s more your style.

Electrical Work: 

Will your deck require an electrician? While we at Webfoot like to think of ourselves as a one-stop shop, one thing we are not is electricians. If you need electrical work, you will have to consider hiring an electrician to get any lighting or rewiring done. Consider though, we are happy to mark things off and work alongside any additional contractors you may need to hire.

Demolition or Excavation: 

Do you have an existing deck we will need to tear down before beginning new construction? Does your new deck build require any digging and/or additional leveling? If you need any excavation done, an outside company will need to be hired to complete any excavation work. 

If we need to tear down an existing structure, that will be factored into our costs. However, sometimes we are able to use existing deck footings and can save you a fair amount of money. We are always happy to take a look before making the choice to start from scratch. 

How Close Can We Get To The Build Site?

It is always a good idea to do a little prepwork and provide Webfoot with a clear path to your build site, if possible. Parking in close proximity to your deck build location will prevent us from having to hand-pack the demolition or construction materials back and forth; this will certainly save you on labor costs. The closer we can get our vehicles, the faster we can get the work done. 

So How Much Will My Deck Actually Cost?

As you can see, there are so many options and factors to consider when thinking about purchasing a deck and how they all influence cost. For labor and materials, most decks are going to cost between $24-$40 per square foot. For example, a 10' x 20' (or a 200 square foot) deck is going to run somewhere between $5,000 and $8,000. Obviously, varying because of the factors previously mentioned. We at Webfoot Painting realize there’s a lot to navigate when making the choice to purchase a deck. That’s why our carpentry experts are always happy to answer any questions. 

We can help you weigh the factors that mean the most to you so that you can focus on the good stuff, like a new hot tub or BBQ to go with your great looking deck. Get cooking! Call Webfoot Painting or drop us a line via our online contact form. Our no-pressure estimates are always free!

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