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Top 10: Father's Day Gift Buying Guide

Top 10: Father's Day Gift Buying Guide

Ahhh yes ... Father’s Day is yet again fast approaching. We know Dad is dear to our hearts, but buying gifts for him can be such a pain sometimes. We know what Mom wants, she makes that clear every year. When buying for your pops, things can be a bit more tricky. Not all Dads are created equally, your Dad is unique and should be treated as such. While your Dad is outdoorsy and loves to grill, Jimmy’s Dad across the street prefers sports and a cold one.

No need to fret, we’ve taken the guesswork out of shopping for your dear ole Dad this year. We’ve covered all the bases so you're sure to find something Dad will love. So buckle down, we wouldn’t want you to “waist” anymore time. Here’s our list of the Top 10 Gifts for Father’s Day. 

10. Get Dad a Snazzy, New Mattress

Few people can argue that a good night's sleep starts with your mattress. Most of us lead busy and demanding lives. What better way to pamper and care for Dad than by providing him with a night of restful sleep? There are so many choices on the market when it comes to buying a good quality mattress, and for good reason—there’s a lot of great products on the market right now. 

We like Casper and Purple Mattresses. Each comes with a generous trial period so Dad can decide for himself. These companies also excel both in quality and service; you’re sure to find something that fits within your budget to give Dad (and Mom) just the right level of comfort and support needed. And if you’re quick, right now you can save 10% on a mattress from Casper, or get free sheets from Purple—bonus!

9. Get Dad New Toys for Father’s Day

We’re talking about the kind typically kept in Dad’s favorite place—the garage. If your Dad is the hands-on type, he’d likely appreciate a new ratchet set, circular saw, or a carpenter’s vice. Anything that’ll get him working with his hands will be money well spent. Pricing varies greatly when it comes to buying tools, but buying Dad a new tool doesn’t have to break the bank. 

This sweet, circular saw from Amazon is just $79.99 with free Prime shipping.

If you have more of a budget, this circular saw from Japanese manufacturer, Makita, has over 200 5-star reviews and is available for $139.00 with Prime shipping.

If your Dad doesn’t need any more power tools, a socket wrench set or carpenter’s vice can be just the ticket. Big box retailers offer plenty in the way of hand tools such as these, but Amazon is also a great option and with Prime you can usually get free shipping right to Dad’s doorstep.

Some brands that kept popping up consistently as reliable, and of good quality and value were DeWalt, Stanley and Craftsman. Anything with at least 50 pieces should be plenty for Dad to get good use out of the set, just make sure if you do decide to get Dad a socket set it includes the following:

Flex Head Ratchet

A flex head ratchet will allow him to get into those tight corners if he’s working in a smaller space, such as under the hood of a car.

Drill Socket Adapters

Drill socket adapters will allow Dad to use his beloved drill with his new socket set; this gives you more bang for your buck and makes the socket set more versatile for use with multiple jobs.

8. Get Dad a Mancrate

A Mancrate is the gift that your Dad wants, he just doesn’t know it yet. 

While technically not a “Mancrate” our favorite gift from this company is the gift card set they offer. Doesn’t sound too exciting; until Dad realizes that the gift card has been set inside a concrete brick that must be extracted by using a ball peen hammer and goggles. You can choose between denominations to spend as little or as much as you want and gift cards are offered from a variety of retailers. It truly is a unique gift set that Dad won’t soon forget. Mancrates also offers a ton of other unique gift options if you don’t think Dad will like the idea of destroying a concrete brick. They include things like the Cow-pocalypse Crate that includes a variety of cured meats, or the Knife Making Kit. The fun thing about Mancrates, even though they are a little costly, is that Dad must struggle to get the wooden crate open with the included crowbar. You’ll have just as much fun as Dad with this one.

7. Get Dad-Approved Outdoor Gear

If there’s one thing we know, outdoor gear is always at the top of our Dads’ wish lists. We’re surrounded by the great outdoors so this is no surprise. Thankfully, high-quality gear is in no short supply. Some of the items we can’t wait to get our hands on for Dad this year includes:

A Benchmade knife

Benchmade has been around since 1979 making knives for everyday carry, hunting, survival, rescue and outdoor use. Some standouts include the Bugout, Bailout, and the Crooked River.


The Bugout is the perfect knife for any of dad’s adventures; it’s perfect as an everyday carry or for use out in the wilderness. Ringing in at a mere 1.8 ounces, and available in a serrated or non-serrated style, the Bugout is the ultimate, lightweight luxury for backpacking or camping.


If you think Dad will desire something a bit more beefier, the Bailout is where it’s at. Featuring 3.38 inches of steel, this versatile knife features anodized aluminum handles and a glass breaker on the end.

Crooked River

While the Crooked River is considered a hunting knife, it’s not a fixed blade, so toting it around as an everyday carry is quite easy. It’s robust enough for nearly any use out in the field with a 4-inch steel blade.

An Exped MegaMat

If your Papa is a car camping man, he will love the Exped Megamat. It isn’t cheap and could be considered by some as an item one would take “glamping”. It comes in both single and double sizes and is ultra plush, meaning that it is by no means lightweight. The regular-sized single rings in at 3.75 pounds while the regular-sized double weighs in at 7.5 pounds; Dad won’t be taking this sleeping pad backpacking, but weight is not where this pad shines. With reviews that say things like “world’s best mat,” and “better than my bed at home,” you can see why the Exped MegaMat is the real deal.

A Titanium Mug

Titanium is pretty much the standard for most lightweight backpackers. This single-walled 600ml titanium mug is the way to go to ensure you get double duty out of an item when backpacking. This ensures Dad can not only eat and drink out of the mug, but he can also cook out of it, if desired. The titanium mug we’ve linked here comes to us from Japanese company, Snow Peak, which offers premium single-walled mugs, sporks, titanium dishes and clothing.

6. Get the Ultimate Brewing Kit for Dad

Not all brew kits are created equally. According to New York Times’ Wirecutter, it took 25 hours of research to find the ideal brewing kit; one that included the best price, availability, and number of tools needed. The verdict is in and the Northern Brewer Brew Share Enjoy Homebrew Starter Kit is the winner. For a miniscule $130, Dad can brew up a batch of his favorite IPA, stout, or pale ale.

Dad not a big drinker? No problem. For the more health conscious Dad, try a kombucha brewing kit. This Deluxe Kombucha Brewing Kit has everything he’ll need to whip up a delicious batch of kombucha in no time.

5. Get Dad a Fun, New Game

For the more coordinated Dad, a new lawn game can be a perfect Father’s Day gift. Lawn games can be bought fairly cheaply, purchased for a premium price, or even handmade. You typically do get what you pay for here however, so we recommend getting something mid-range in terms of cost.


For the more coordinated dad, Spikeball is an exciting 4-player game that can be considered a cross between both volleyball,  and hacky sack. It involves the players serving a ball to the other team by spiking a ball into a net. Pretty simple, but highly entertaining and a good cardio workout. You can get a Spikeball set for $53 from Spikeball.com.


Cornhole is a classic lawn game played with two to four players. Teammates play on opposite sides taking turns throwing bean bags. The point is to score points by throwing your team’s bean bags into a hole in the cornhole board. First team to 21 wins it all. 

You can swipe a premium cornhole set from Slick Woody’s; this high-quality, wooden cornhole set is beautiful and is sure to last several summer seasons.

If the premium set is a bit out of your budget, no worries, this set from GoSports is highly-rated and available with or without LED lights.

Ladder Golf

Not unlike cornhole, the goal of ladder golf is to be the first team to reach 21. However, that’s pretty much where the similarities begin and end. Game play consists of teams taking turns trying to get their “bolas” (two golf balls attached together by a piece of rope) to wrap around the ladder rungs. The top run is worth three points, the middle worth two, and the bottom work one. It’s a simple and relaxing game that all ages can enjoy. Pickup a nice one for Dad from Amazon for $69.99.

4. Get Dad a Sweet, New Cooler

Most people are pretty familiar with the super expensive and high-end Yeti coolers. What you might not be aware of, is that there are some great alternatives that are just as well—if not more—insulated.


This brand has certainly given Yeti a run for its money, so much so that RTIC had to settle a lawsuit with Yeti just a few years ago. 

RTIC is more affordable, is made with three inches of insulation, versus Yeti’s two inches, and is just as well designed. RTIC is killing it in the sports and outdoors space, and Yeti knows it. You can get Dad a 45-quart RTIC cooler for 200 bucks, that’s $100 cheaper than Yeti’s 45-quart. It’s a no-brainer.


Complete with lightweight, aluminium handles featuring handy bottle openers, Cordova’s Made-in-the-USA coolers have a lot to offer. The Adventurer (48 quart) cooler comes in an array of attractive colors and is definitely on par with those “other guys.” If you think Dad would enjoy a new cool, hurry! Because right now it’s on sale for $209 from CordovaOutdoor.com.

Blue Coolers

Blue Coolers are a little less well-known than some of the other more popular brands on the market, but that doesn’t mean they can’t compete. They offer a 90-Day, 100% satisfaction Money-back Guarantee. If that’s not enough reason to run out and buy one for Dad, we don’t know what would be. Blue’s 55-quart cooler goes for $200 and is available in three different colorways.

Frosted Frog

Frosted Frog is yet another underdog in the world of coolers. It may not look as snazzy as a Yeti cooler, but what it lacks in looks it certainly makes up for in savings. Other users have claimed that Frosted Frog coolers will keep your ice frozen for between 5 - 7 days; that’s pretty impressive for a 45-quart cooler that rings in at $179.

3. Get Dad a Booze Subscription

With all the hard-to-buy-for Dads out there, a booze subscription could be perfect. There are so many great subscriptions out there, you just need to know Dad’s drink of choice. Try a highbrow, whiskey (or whisky, apparently there IS a difference) subscription from Flaviar. They offer both yearly and quarterly subscriptions.

If your Dad is more of a beer drinker, the Craft Beer Club is something special. Your purchase will support small, independent brewers and the quality can’t be beat. Dad will also receive three, free bonus gifts in his first shipment and shipping is always free. They have month-to-month, recurring subscriptions available. You can always choose to purchase several months or a year, it’s up to you.

If your Dad is easy to please and likes it all, you can instead opt for the Mash & Grape subscription. This subscription offers it all: bourbon, whiskey, scotch, gin, tequila and rum! You pick the kind of alcohol, sign-up for at least a 3-month subscription, then they take care of the rest.


2. Get Dad a New BBQ

Purchasing a new grill can be frustrating; it’s probably the reason Dad’s still using his 10-year-old Weber. Don’t get us wrong, Weber is a quality brand that stands behind their name; so if Dad loves his old, faithful Weber, it’s undoubtedly time to get him a new one. Propane and charcoal grills will always hold a special place in our hearts, but if you’re looking for something a bit more spiffy, we understand; a lot has changed since brands like Weber became popular in the 60s and 70s.


If you really want to impress dad, get him a Traeger. Oregon-based, Traeger, is a completely revolutionary system that uses both wood and electricity to cook your food. The grill works by feeding wooden pellets into a “burn pot” to provide indirect heat. Low and slow is the name of the game here, so don’t expect that Dad will be able to put dinner on the picnic table in 30 minutes. You won’t get those coveted grill marks with a Traeger Grill either, but you will get all of the flavor and smokiness you’ve come to expect from great BBQ.


Since 2005 Blackstone has been pushing the envelope with their one-of-a-kind griddle products. The Blackstone 36-inch is a beast of a griddle; according to their website, you can flip up to 28 burgers or 72 hot dogs! It can cook anything to restaurant-quality perfection in just a matter of minutes. The 36-inch Cooking Bundle setup even includes a grill box cooktop if Dad wants to swap out the griddle top for something a little more traditional. Blackstone’s Griddles are propane powered and easy to clean with a good scraping and wipe down.

1. Get Dad a Beautiful & Long-Lasting Concrete Coating or Deck Build

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that greatness does not come without an investment. A concrete coating or deck build will be much appreciated by Dad for years to come. Created by experts in the business, Polyaspartic concrete coatings are some of the best on the market and can be used on indoor and outdoor surfaces—think garages, patios, porches and pool decks. These coatings are highly customizable to fit any decor as well. The coatings can be laid in any pattern to resemble a logo, and color options are virtually endless. Concrete coatings are meant to protect all of Dad’s concrete surfaces from becoming damaged due to cracking or staining. If Dad likes to work in the garage, a stronger-than-any-epoxy concrete coating is the way to go.

If you think Dad would prefer a deck, we think that’s a grand idea too. There are so many options to choose from and many quality products available. TREX decking has maintained a ton of popularity over the years due to its uncompromised quality in materials and workmanship. TREX decking also comes with an outstanding 25-year warranty. It is resistant to fading, chipping and crumbling and comes in several color options to complement Dad’s style.

If your Dad is more of a purest, we get it. Wooden decks are available in an array of materials to suit Dad perfectly. White cedar, red cedar, teak, ipe, redwood, mahogany and fir are all popular deck-building woods. But it’s important to find the right one for Dad as some woods deteriorate and erode faster than others if used in damp climates. Wooden decking does include some maintenance costs since it will need to be sanded and restained periodically, but the warmth and beautify it can add to Dad’s outdoor space is unmatched.

Curious about which decking material is the best? Check out our blog titled “Which Material is The Best to Use for Building a Deck”.

If you have questions about a new concrete coating or deck for Dad, we’re experts in carpentry, painting and concrete refinishing. We can even help steer you in the right direction if you and Dad are ready to take on a carpentry project yourselves. If you just need help deciding which tube socks to get Dad? Well, we can help with that too. 

For more information about our concrete coatings, visit us online at Webfoot Concrete Coatings. If you’re looking for more information about decks or painting, visit Webfoot Painting.

Have a Happy Father’s Day!

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