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Tips To Help You Paint Like A Pro

Tips To Help You Paint Like A Pro

We may love painting, but we also seriously love educating. It's just a natural by-product of being passionate about (and proud of!) our work.

Today, we'd like to pull back the curtain and share a look into our operations, our exceptional team, and hopefully give you some pretty awesome cabinet painting tips along the way.

Tip #1 - Spray Rack System

Not every company uses this tool, leaving them with ladders and cumbersome support systems to hold their cabinets in place.

We made the investment in this MUCH more efficient rack system, letting us spray, flip, spray, and hang on the rack to dry. Super compact, plus we can paint and cure both sides at once. That makes it twice as fast.

Pre-Paint Prep

Did you know that prep is literally 80% of a successful painting project? And this is never more true than when we're painting cabinets.

In the video above, we were transitioning from lacquered wood to white paint. In order to do this, we needed a coat of primer in the middle to guarantee topcoat adhesion and peak overall performance.

Our process? Scuff sand first, to clean and create a receptive profile. Next, we wiped the surface with denatured alcohol before applying the oil primer base coat. These extra steps ensure a REALLY strong bond.

We then sanded again, vacuumed, cleaned, and applied the topcoat.

Tip #3 - Safety When You're Working In the Kitchen

We're all about safety! And few things are LESS safe than a stove being turned on under a covering during the cabinet painting process. The solution is simple! We remove the knobs from your stove before we prep the space, making it impossible to accidentally turn on the burner.

Tip #4 - Hardware Separation

There is a LOT of hardware involved in cabinet disassembly and painting. A... lot...

Check out this fun, DIY tip for keeping your screws and hardware organized!

Tip #5 - How To Efficiently Rip Painter's Tape

Ever wondered how to get a perfect 90-degree angle with your tape? Check out this pro tip!

Tip #6 - Caulking Techniques

Ready for a cool tip?

Tape, caulk, paint while it's wet, and immediately peel. This way the paint blocks dust and junk from getting trapped in your tacky caulk.

Tip #7 - How To Repair Dings in Cabinets

How do you fix an imperfection in your primed cabinet?

We use special lighting at an angle to reveal the damaged spots, and then use auto body bondo to fill the dings and gouges. Then sand, but here's the key: don't trust your eye! Look away, feel it, and make sure it's perfectly smooth to the touch.

Attention To Detail Matters!

Our team takes our processes, well, Seriously. Every detail is important. We hope you enjoyed this look into our processes, and picked up some fun tips and tricks along the way. Special thanks to lead painter Troy for his insight and expertise!

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