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Stair Railing Style Guide

Stair Railing Style Guide

When you think of decorating your home to showcase your personal style certain features like wall color, flooring, or furnishings are what usually come to mind. While these elements certainly contribute to the feel of your home, it is the architectural elements that create the foundation of your home’s style. Details like your baseboards, door and window casing, mantels, and stair railings all work together to form a base that other decorative elements build upon.

Interior stairs are a great place to start making changes to personalize your living space. Since they tend to be one of the first architectural features visitors see when entering your home, an update to your stair railings is a small change that can have a big impact.

Painting Your Stair Railing

Painting or re-staining your stair railing is one of the most cost effective and simple changes you can make. Whether you want to make a dramatic statement with your stairway or make it appear less prominent, here are some examples of beautiful stairways that are just a can of paint or stain away.

Evansview - The Midtown
‍Photo by Cardel Homes

By going dark on the railings while keeping the walls white these homeowners chose to highlight their stair railings. The resulting contrast makes the stairs a focal point in this multi-level home.

eco+historical Sanchez 1
‍Photo by Eco+Historical, Inc. 

Keeping the railings the same color as the walls in this home makes the stair railings a less prominent feature, which keeps this dining room, that doubles as a pass-through between floors, feeling calm and welcoming.

Summer Home
‍Photo by Peter A. Sellar

If you love the look of a white stair railing but worry about fingerprints, staining the handrail in a medium to dark stain while painting the balusters is an attractive way to balance style with practicality.

Replacing Your Stair Railing

Sometimes a change in color simply won’t be enough to transform your stairway into the style you really want. Customizing your stair railing can be a fun project that leaves you with a unique stairway that guests are sure to comment on!

Lake House
‍Photo by Smith & Vansant Architects PC 

The oar-shaped balusters on this stair railing act as a playful nod to the theme of this lake house.

Custom Stair Rail
‍Photo by Studio C Architecture & Interiors

This stair railing is another great example of a homeowner getting creative with baluster details. Custom cut-outs can be made in shapes to fit a variety of styles.

Lake Michigan Retreat
‍Photo by Shane D. Inman

Horizontal wood pieces were used in addition to balusters on this stair railing to create an interesting pattern that injects a lot of personality into this living area.

‍Photo by Jeffrey Dungan Architects 

Another great way to make your stairway stand out is by using an unexpected material. The thick, aged lumber used to make this stair railing instantly give this home a rustic, cabin-like feel.

Hill Street Project
‍Photo by Design Line Construction, Inc. 

Running balusters horizontally creates a more modern feeling.

Creating Your Perfect Stair Railing

Whether you’re looking to completely redesign the look of your stair railing or want to give your current one an update with a fresh coat of paint, your stairway has the potential to transform the feel of your home. Haven’t gotten enough stairway inspiration? Here are 17 more beautiful stair railings to help you discover your perfect style!

Do you live in the Bend, Oregon area and want our help making your stair railings look its best? We would love to work with you to design something that reflects your personal style. Call our office today to schedule your appointment!

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