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Siding: What’s the Process for a Siding Installation Project?

Siding: What’s the Process for a Siding Installation Project?

Webfoot Painting understands that when it comes to siding, you’ve got questions. And why wouldn’t you? Siding plays a huge part in making sure you have a home that not only meets your aesthetic dreams but is also protected for years to come.

Let's face it, most of us aren't experts when it comes to our home's exterior. And that's perfectly okay! You don't need to be a siding guru because the experts at Webfoot are here to help. We’re addressing each of your frequently asked siding questions 

Siding replacement job

The Siding Installation Process

What’s the process for a siding installation project? 

5 Key Steps

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to invest in a refresh for your exterior siding and given us a call to kick-off your project, we’ll work our way through the key steps that make up a siding project:

  1. An initial home inspection. When you request an estimate, we’ll set up a time for a professional estimator to visit your home. We’ll conduct a comprehensive home inspection to determine the current condition of your siding. We’ll identify what needs to be replaced and what can be repaired.
  2. The demolition phase. We’ll remove the old siding that is too damaged to be salvaged. Demolition varies based on the home. For smaller spaces like soffits and fascias, we’ll have to go more slowly. Throughout demolition, we’ll pay careful attention to the surrounding area, like your favorite flower beds or other existing vegetation. If you’ve got a lot of space around your home, we can take those siding panels down a bit faster. 
  3. A look at what’s underneath. Once we’ve removed the existing siding, it’s important that we take a look at what we’re working with. We want to check that your home is prepared for the new siding before installation, such as having an existing house wrap.
  4. Completing preparations. The last stage before installation includes cleaning up the site in preparation for installation. 
  5. Installation! With all of the previous steps complete, it’s time to install your new siding. Once your siding is installed, it's then ready for paint or stain, if needed. 

Please note that these are just the general steps involved in a siding installation project. The specific steps may vary depending on the type of siding you choose, the condition of your home, and additional environmental details.

Webfoot team working on siding replacement.

Webfoot is Here to Help

You might not be an expert on your home's exterior, but you don’t have to be! With the professionals at Webfoot by your side, you can make informed decisions about your siding and keep your home looking and performing at its best for years to come.

We  have dedicated crews that are all siding, all the time, so you can know that you are getting experienced professionals for your job. When compared to other contractors or the DIY alternative, Webfoot offers expertise and experience that you just won’t find elsewhere 

Call us with all your home siding questions and get a free quote today!  

Want to dive deeper? Check out our other siding FAQ’s here.

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