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Should You Repair or Replace Your Deck in Bend, OR?

Should You Repair or Replace Your Deck in Bend, OR?

Let’s say your deck’s seen some use.

Backyard barbecues, parties, you trying to Riverdance that one time, hot summers, wet winters... You get the idea.

Routine maintenance can protect and enhance your deck, but we know that systematic, quality care doesn’t always get done like it should. So, the real question now is, can your deck be brought back to life with careful repair and refinishing, or is it time for a replacement?

Make Sure Your Deck Inspection Includes These 4 Points!

Here a few key indicators to check for:

  • Structural Rot - Wood rot is the nemesis of most decks, and needs to be proactively checked for, repaired, and prevented with stain/sealer. The posts are particularly vulnerable, as are the points where stair stringers make contact with the ground. Soft wood is a sign of trouble, and should be quickly addressed!
  • How’s Your Ledger? - Don’t worry, we’re not talking about the books at your office... The ledger board is the point where your deck connects to your house. If it wasn’t built correctly, you’ll find nails holding it in place, or rusted bolts. This weaker connection, combined with age, rust, and rot, can cause eventual collapse. Nothing puts a damper on a party like the floor going out from under your feet...
  • Deck Boards - Cracks, rot, and general damage isn’t always a huge issue, but they will only grow worse with time. Routine inspections and repair can prevent a seemingly small blemish from turning into a big headache (and expense!).
  • How’s Your Railing? - A small wobble can be easy to ignore, but it’s still a sign of a structural breakdown. And, it will eventually become an unavoidable hazard.

In short, the best way to assess the current condition of your deck is to carefully probe and inspect. And, the best way to do this is through the eyes of a trusted, experienced, deck expert. Similar to updating an interior space, like a kitchen, they can you help you decide whether your current deck needs only a minor facelift, a little refreshing, a few key updates and improvements, or if it’s time to start from scratch with something tailor-made for your needs and preferences.

And, as always, remember to invest in routine maintenance. It really will drastically extend the life of your deck, and will keep it looking its very best as well.

It’s Time for a New Deck When...

It’s time for a new deck when the damage and liabilities are just too extensive. If large-scale wood replacement is necessary to eliminate a rot problem, or there are design flaws that are causing premature decay, it’s best to replace your deck with one built by a deck design professional.

You also may have simply outgrown your deck, or your needs have evolved in such a way that the current design isn’t cutting it anymore. This means it’s time to revisit your options, exploring size, design, and features that you may never have before. It’s an exciting world out there, and decks have come a long, long way.

Let’s Address Your Deck Maintenance or Construction Questions!

Contact your friendly, neighborhood deck experts here at Webfoot Painting. It would be our pleasure to help you care for your favorite outdoor space.

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