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Should You Paint Or Replace the Kitchen Cabinets in Your Bend, OR Home?

Should You Paint Or Replace the Kitchen Cabinets in Your Bend, OR Home?

Is your kitchen feeling a little dated?

Stop searching "dream kitchen" on Pinterest and scowling at your cabinets, it's time to take action!

If you’ve got the itch for a unique cabinet color, or at least something other than the same honey oak finish they’ve been rocking since the kids were in elementary school, we're ready to help.

Kitchen cabinets heavily contribute to the overall aesthetics of a room and play an essential role in the look and feel of your home. Since they often take up a significant amount of space in the kitchen, their condition and appearance greatly affect the atmosphere. By painting your cabinets, you are immediately creating a change that is noticeable without having to make a major investment in both time and money...and when you opt for a totally new color or one that creates more contrast, it just has this huge impact on how the room looks and feels.

Close up shot of kitchen cabinets.

Kitchens really set the pace for your home’s style, and they’re rarely neutral. They either make it or they break it. Here’s *the* important question: should you paint your kitchen cabinets or replace them? Keep reading to find out.

Kitchen with fresh blue cabinets.

Cabinet Painting Is the Right Choice for You When...

  • Your cabinets are in solid overall condition
  • The layout and placement works for you and your family
  • Your kitchen is what you need, minus a drastic style change
  • The idea of totally tearing your kitchen apart for a pricey remodel just doesn’t sound like fun

Some homeowners automatically assume a total replacement is necessary because they’re afraid that painting alone won’t make enough of a difference. Trust us: skillful kitchen cabinet painting creates a more drastic difference than you might realize. Night and day.

3 Seriously Great Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Here are a few of the main benefits to keep in mind:

  • You’re in the driver’s seat. Colors, styles, unique finishes... The options are nearly endless.
  • Compared to a full remodel, painting is a cost-effective choice. And, as we mentioned above, the difference it creates is incredible.
  • Save yourself from the headache and mess of demolition and construction. A skilled painting company will work carefully, conscientiously, and will never bring a sledgehammer to work.
Kitchen with updated green cabinets.

Find the Right Cabinet Painter - It’s Worth the Time!

There is a huge difference between hiring the cheapest painter you can find and hiring someone who will truly do the job right. The margin for error is nonexistent when it comes to cabinet painting, both for the appearance and the longevity and functionality of your new finish.

Here are a few tips for finding a quality local painting contractor - we hope you find them helpful.

But, if you live here in Bend, OR, we can save you some time and hunting. Give us a call at Webfoot Painting! It would be our pleasure to serve you, and to answer all your painting and refinishing questions.

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