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Seriously Great Ideas for Wintertime Interior Painting

Seriously Great Ideas for Wintertime Interior Painting

We love every season here in Bend, OR. Really, we do. How could you not?

But, we also know that of all seasons, winter is the one that can tend to drag on a bit. We get excited this time of year for warmer weather, more sun, and the ability to paint more exteriors (you can probably relate, except for the last one).

Never fear - we have a couple of ideas for Seriously Great wintertime distractions!

First, Check Out Our Project Serious Charity Event

Nothing warms up the soul like doing something awesome for someone.

Right now we’re ramping up our Project Serious: Residential Edition giveaway, donating up to $15,000 of painting and/or carpentry services to a retired first responder, or retired (or honorably separated) military personnel.

Be sure to check out how to nominate someone (or yourself!) right here. And keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates, photos, and videos from nominees, and more. We promise it’ll be fun and exciting (way better than binge-watching another Netflix series).

Interior Painting: The Antidote To Wintertime Boredom

It’s true! Fresh color, the fun of a project, changing your interior scenery... These are all powerful ways to warm up the season. And, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your interior painting project:

  • Update a Room or Three - As we said above, this is the ideal season to surround yourself with some fresh color. For inspiration, be sure to read this overview of the 2018 trending interior paint colors!
  • Paint Your Cabinets -  There is no better way to radically update your kitchen in a cost-effective, relatively quick way than by investing in professional cabinet painting. And, there are some really appealing looks trending today!
  • Refresh for Resale - If your home is going on the market this spring, or anytime soon, interior painting is a marketability-boosting strategy you can’t afford to miss.
  • Take Advantage of Wintertime Availability - Most professional painters have a little extra flexibility in their schedule between fall and spring. But, this window closes fast as the busy warmer months arrive!
  • Take Advantage of Low-Odor Paint - Interior painting in the winter doesn’t have to be a stinky adventure. Advanced low and zero-VOC formulas make the process totally safe and unobtrusive.

Ready To Paint? Let’s Get Rolling!

If you live here in the Bend area, howdy neighbor! Contact us today to discuss your project needs, goals, and timeline. The Webfoot Painting team would love to serve you however we can.

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