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Project Spotlight: Cafe Yumm

Project Spotlight: Cafe Yumm

Here at Webfoot we like to help out our neighbors and stay active in our community, that’s why today we are going to be talking about a project we did for Cafe Yumm at their location in the Old Mill! 

Cafe Yumm is known for their fresh dishes that feature organic and locally sourced ingredients. Their offerings include all-natural chicken, organic tofu, salads and wraps in a low-key and relaxed atmosphere. This location features a breezy patio with plenty of outdoor seating right in the heart of the Old Mill district near the Deschutes River Trail and across from the Les Schwab Amphitheater.

Cafe Yumm wanted to enlist our help getting their furniture refinished and updated with a fresh, new coating of stain. After chatting with them we were able to determine that the project would need to include staining the exterior surfaces of five booths and all of the exterior and interior surfaces of a small cabinet area where their drink station is located. Some booths in the dining area were badly scuffed and would also need to be a bit resurfaced in addition to staining.

Our first step in getting this project going was to tape off the areas in which we would not be working, like the kitchen. It is extremely important to us to avoid contaminating sanitary areas where food is served. This is where our “air scrubber” comes into play. While we tape everything off from floor to ceiling, painter’s plastic is not airtight and we like to ensure that we are being extra careful. Our air scrubber cleans our containment areas of dust and debris. This machine helps to clean the air while also keeping dust from settling on painted or stained surfaces.

The next step after taping everything off, is to do a brief “scuff sand” with 220 grit sandpaper. A scuff sand is a gentle sanding meant to rough up the surface we will be staining. This sanding is done for a few different reasons. One reason is to remove any scrapes and scratches. The other reason is to remove any contaminants that might be on the surface; by removing these contaminants we’re able to make sure the new stain adheres properly.

Now that we’ve sanded and wiped everything down, it’s time to get crackin! When we spoke to Cafe Yumm about this project we knew we would need to get a bit creative to ensure the results were perfect. Because Cafe Yumm is a franchise, there are certain rules and regulations they are required to follow. These rules include adhering to certain themes and colors, both inside and outside of the building. This meant the stain we would use would need to be expertly matched. We went with a custom, oil-based, dark cherry stain—the results couldn’t have been better. After priming everything, our stain was easy to apply with a simple wipe-on technique.

Once our stain was dry, we applied two coats of a satin sheen lacquer to both seal and protect the deep, cherry color.

The results were phenomenal and the owners at Cafe Yumm were more than satisfied with the way their project turned out.

For an insider look, watch our spotlight video below that includes a before and after of this fun staining project that our team at Webfoot Painting knocked right out of the park.

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