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Project Serious: Residential Painting and Carpentry Giveaway in Bend, OR

Project Serious: Residential Painting and Carpentry Giveaway in Bend, OR

We’re a pretty enthusiastic group over here at Webfoot. We love our community, love what we do, and love having the opportunity to serve our friends and neighbors.

Because of all of the above, nothing gets us more seriously excited than our Project Serious charity giveaways. And, with our 9th annual event freshly launched, you could say that we just moved to a whole new level of enthused.

What Is Project Serious: Residential Edition?

We alternate each year between choosing a nonprofit or a family/individual to receive $15,000 of totally free painting, carpentry, or decking services.

Last year was our Non-Profit Edition, and our winner was the High Desert Museum. We blew our $15,000 budget out of the water, but we had a blast doing it.

This year, we’re doing something a little different. We want to find an unsung local hero: a retired first responder (or retired military personnel) who could use some serious encouragement and a thank-you-for-your-service in the form of $15,000 of FREE services.

But first, we need YOUR help (yeah, you!).

Send In Your Nomination! ASAP!

Half the fun of this event is hearing from you, our seriously great neighbors, clients, and fans.

So, we want your nominations! Everything you need to know (including the nomination form) is right here: Project Serious: Residential Edition.

We want your stories, your photos, and (later on!) your votes. We’re in this together, and are relying on your nominations, creativity, and help with spreading the word.

Thank you in advance!

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