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5 Colors for Your Dream Kitchen

5 Colors for Your Dream Kitchen

There's nothing quite like the transformative power of interior paint, especially for your kitchen. The right color can make all the difference to your space. Pick a paint shade according to your design preferences, a room's lighting conditions or the overall mood you intend to set. If you're thinking about updating your aesthetic and in need of some inspiration for your next kitchen paint job, we’re sharing the top kitchen paint color trends for 2023. Time to grab your paint brush (or pick up the phone to call us) and use this list as motivation to reimagine your home’s interior with a great paint color. 

Gasp! Are White Kitchens Out?

Let’s address the elephant in the room…while all-white and farmhouse-style kitchens have been popular for almost too many years now we are finally starting to see kitchen styles evolve. All white everything is on its way out. For the past decade, we’ve been seeing white walls, white tile, and mostly white carrera marble. People are tired of these muted palettes, and designers are bringing in color (yay). Most designers also agree that white-on-white kitchens will look dated by 2024. So what color will be the new white? There isn’t just one answer here. Keep reading to find out the top color trends we’re seeing.

Mint Green

Give your retro kitchen a refresh with a layer of sweet light green paint. For a cohesive look, paint the exterior and interior of your cabinets and add a complimentary backsplash refresh.

Mint green kitchen.


Navy blue is a classic for a reason. This bold shade will bring your kitchen to life and create a modern, dramatic vibe with its rich blue hue. 

Navy blue kitchen.

Stormy Gray

This shade is giving the all-white look a run for its money. Elevate your neutral kitchen with a moody gray hue.

Dark gray kitchen.

Black and White

Matte black and white is a versatile color combination that can blend seamlessly in a kitchen. The right choices can give your space a dose of drama and add more personality to your aesthetic.

Black and white kitchen.

Burgundy Red

Match your merlot to your cabinets for a bold kitchen that's ready to have a good time. Red is a very warm color, which motivates us to take action and symbolizes confidence and courage…the perfect shade for creating a positive and inviting space.

Burgundy red kitchen.

Why Choose Webfoot

A single coat of fresh paint can give your kitchen a totally new look. If you're planning to update your space, choosing the right color can be a defining factor in transforming your kitchen. Color has a powerful influence on the style, mood, and perception of space, so it’s essential to get it right. 

Our staff is made up of the friendliest, most considerate craftsmen in Central Oregon.  The team we’ve put together cares to be the best and works hard every day to give you exceptional service.  What this means for you is a clean and organized jobsite and a commitment to all the details.  We don’t just compare our level of service with other painting companies, we compare it to all companies in Central Oregon.  Our goal is that your interaction with our company will be the best service you’ve received all day. We would love to help you update your kitchen, give us a call and let’s talk details. 

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