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Interior Carpentry in Bend, OR: Adding Some Serious Style!

Interior Carpentry in Bend, OR: Adding Some Serious Style!

Let’s face it: winter in Bend is awesome, but it also can get a little long... right? This is why the colder months are such a SERIOUSLY awesome opportunity for warming up your home with new interior style. 

One way to do this is with creatively-chosen paint - no doubt. And we can help!

But another way is to rethink your home’s interior carpentry details. In fact, when you mix woodworking skills with refreshed surfaces, you’ve got the recipe for a drastic update. 

Check it out!

Our Popular Interior Carpentry Services

New doors? No Problem. 

These well-loved surfaces take a beating, especially if you have kids. Tired, often outdated doors can drag down your whole aesthetic, too. You won’t believe what a difference updated doors can make, whether you like classic wood finishes, painted craftsman-style, or something else entirely.

Time To Replace Your Baseboards? Probably! 

Whether you’d like to change their style, or they’re just battered, worn, and popping away from your wall, dingy baseboards are a huge eyesore. Our team can replace them in a flash, tightening up your room’s style in a major way.

How About an Accent Wall?

When you think “accent wall,” do you automatically think of a different paint color on just one wall? That’s an option, but let’s dig deeper.

How about a barn board accent wall? Or shiplap (hugely popular - just ask HGTV)? How about reclaimed wood features that bring a rush of rustic charm? 

New Trim or Moldings

Whether you’re digging the idea of crown molding, a chair rail, or maybe wainscoting, we like the way you think. 

Nothing elevates the style of a room like custom carpentry (just don’t tell our painting team we said that). 

Need Some More Ideas?

We could go on and on, but here are a few more popular carpentry ideas:

  • Removing built-in cabinets
  • Replacing mantles
  • Installing blinds
  • Adding walls
  • Removing walls
  • Tongue and groove ceilings - and on and on!

Let’s get started! Contact the Webfoot Painting team today to schedule a free estimate and get your project rolling. 

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