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Ice Dam Removal with Steam Power

Ice Dam Removal with Steam Power

We have some seriously great customers. They push us to be better in business and drive us in our pursuit towards excellence. Most recently they've overwhelming informed us that they need ice dam REMOVAL as well as PREVENTION. We've heard you, and now Webfoot is the proud owner of TWO oil-fired steam engines!

Steam Power Ice Removal

Image via The Ice Dam Company

Steam power is the safest and easiest means to remove damaging ice from your roof. It cuts through ice like butter and will not damage any roof type. High pressure is a common alternative to steam power, and it is sometimes appropriate for melting ice from sidewalks and parking lots. But it isn’t a safe option for roofs as it can cause damage to shingles. Our steamer operates at the optimal temperature of 290 degrees, which results in less water run-off, faster ice removal, and an overall cleaner ice dam solution.

Check out this video that shows the benefits of steam powered ice removal compared to a pressure washer:


What Does Steam Power Ice Removal Cost?

Most folks currently operating in Bend are charging $500-800 per hour for a crew to remove snow and ice. We are charging $395/hr.  

We're not the storm chasers trying to get all that we can out of a bad situation. We're here to help our customers and provide seriously great LOCAL service.  It is still costly, but the equipment has a steep price tag and after this winter it may sit idle for a number of years.

As previously mentioned our office staff got hit hard this year. Our first project? Our office manager's home in Sisters that the insurance company won't even visit until the ice is off his roof. We know he's not alone in his predicament.

Our biggest concern is: what happens if it rains when folks still have ice dams on their roofs? Many homes around Sunriver, Sisters, or the westside of Bend have as much as 16” of ice on the roof. This amount of ice takes time to melt and melting creates problems if there's no place for it to go. One day of rain could result in swimming pools on roofs and water in people’s homes.

Interested in Ice Removal?

We're scheduling for the next couple weeks. Service is quick and easy: we show up, get to work, finish up, and complete the signed service agreement so you know exactly what will be billed.

There's a minimum trip charge of 2 hours. Most projects will be 2-10 hours to complete. If you also want to have heat cables installed to prevent the dams from returning, we'll give you 15% off your heat cables and installation. This offer is valid for all previously bid heat cable projects.

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