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How Often Should You Refinish Your Deck? And Why Bother?

How Often Should You Refinish Your Deck? And Why Bother?

Every deck is special because every deck is different. However, some rules are golden. Every deck benefits from some regular TLC. And, deck refinishing is a great way to extend the life of your wood deck. But, how do you properly take care of your deck? How often should you refinish your deck? And, why should you call Webfoot for your deck refinishing needs? We’re walking you through deck maintenance best practices and explaining Webfoot’s process so you know exactly when and why you should have your deck refinished by a pro. 

The Frequency of Deck Refinishing Depends on The Deck

How often should you refinish your deck? Great question. But it’s not black and white, because every deck is different. The frequency of deck refinishing depends on your deck’s condition, which depends on if you are doing regular deck maintenance or not.

Regular maintenance includes keeping your deck clean through the seasons. You should pay attention to cleaning pollen off your deck in the summer, with a wet broom or a garden hose. In the winter, try sweeping snow off instead of shoveling to avoid scratching your deck’s surface. Other tips include ensuring your yard sprinklers aren’t spraying directly on your deck, using raised planters, and avoiding having unnatural outdoor rugs that erode the wood’s surface.

regular deck maintenance
Keeping your deck clean through the seasons improves its lifespan.

If you feel unsure about your deck’s condition, you can also call in a professional for help. Our team at Webfoot can perform annual inspections, catching rot, damage, and compromised finishes early. We can also help you perfect an annual maintenance plan that will save you money in the long run by keeping your deck looking new without a full refinishing.

By generally keeping good care of your deck, you can avoid damage and extend the life of your deck’s wood. With regular maintenance, you might not need deck refinishing for 3-5 years.

The Benefits of Deck Refinishing

Refinishing your deck means that your deck will stay in good condition and last longer without the need for replacement. Structurally, refinishing a deck ensures the surface is level, eliminates cupping, and eliminates splintering. If you don’t refinish your deck, as the wood greys and ages, the softer grain of the wood will come out resulting in splinters and damage.

Deck refinishing makes your deck look like new again!

There are also the aesthetic benefits of deck refinishing. Refinishing showcases the real beauty of the wood and revives old, greying planks. Refinishing your deck allows the wood to last for decades – and it looks like new!

Webfoot’s Deck Refinishing Process

Webfoot's Deck Team specialists are experts at the deck refinishing process.

Webfoot is dedicated to providing high-quality service that supports the community. We follow a careful process to offer Seriously Great service every time.

Step One

We set the screws down to avoid sanding off the galvanized finish.

Step Two

We sand the whole thing! Along the house, we use hand sanders. For large areas, we use a large heavy-duty power sander.

Step Three

We pressure wash using wood brightener, which lets the deck absorb more stain by opening up the wood's cells.

Step Four

We dry buff any shiny spots for a smooth and consistent finish.

Step Five

Your deck is refinished and looking like new!

Explore our deck refinishing options to find what’s right for your home.

As part of the deck refinishing process, we use heavy-duty sanders for a smooth surface.

Learn More About Webfoot’s Deck Services

Webfoot does more than painting, we do decks, too! Our services include deck maintenance and deck building.

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