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How Often Should You Paint Your Home in Bend, OR?

How Often Should You Paint Your Home in Bend, OR?

In our blog posts, our #1 goal is to share relevant, interesting updates and info. We really want our writing to help you, our friends and neighbors here in Bend.

Well, there’s no more relevant topic we could share than an actual answer to an actual question. In response to our latest email newsletter (if you don’t get it and would like to, let us know!), we received this SERIOUSLY GREAT question: How often do you recommend painting the outside of your house in Bend?”

The short answer? It depends! The longer answer? Keep scrolling.

3 Factors That Impact How Often You Should Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Let’s jump into it!

Factor #1: Condition and Age of Your Siding and Trim

Older materials will need more frequent painting, especially if your siding is made of wood. If this is your scenario, you may need to get ready to paint again 4-6 years after a thorough exterior paint job is applied. That can vary a bit, but it’s a pretty safe estimate.

Factor #2: The Color of Your Siding

Dark colors tend to age more quickly than light ones, prematurely fading. And this, of course, means that more frequent painting is required to keep the colors true. You’ll notice fading after 4-5 years in most cases, and even sooner if a flat sheen is used.

Factor #3: The Quality of Your Last Paint Job

If your last paint job was poorly prepared or had inadequate paint build (1 coat was used instead of 2, for example), you could look at an even shorter life. Every exterior painting process you invest in will contribute significantly to the success, or failure, of the next - doing it the right way is always worth it!

So, How Long Can You Expect Your Exterior Paint To Last?

On average, taking into consideration all of the above, we would say you can reasonably expect your paint to last 6-8 years under normal conditions. If you want to squeeze every last drop (literally!) of value out of your update, the best scenario is to use high-quality paint on composite siding, and to use a color that isn't too deep. If that’s the case, you could see your paint last 10 years.

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