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How Do You Keep the Space Under Your Deck Dry?

How Do You Keep the Space Under Your Deck Dry?

If you know us, you know we love decks. Seriously.

In fact, we specialize in deck design, deck improvements, deck repairs, deck additions, deck refinishing, deck... Well, you get the idea.

As awesome as these outdoor spaces are, one area of frustration that many Central Oregon homeowners run into is rain water pouring right through their deck, making the area underneath unusable. Especially for second floor decks, or decks with a walk-out space underneath, this can be a real lost opportunity. 

With that in mind, we wanted to share a really cool solution offered by one of our favorite deck material manufacturers: Trex (take a look here to see just why we love Trex so much!).

Trex RainEscape: Your New Deck Drainage System

Trex RainEscape is essentially a system of troughs and gutters that is attached underneath elevated deck boards. 

It acts much like the gutters along your roofline, providing a guided channel for rainwater, melting snow, run-off, spills from up above, etc. This prevents water from collecting underneath, and also allows you to utilize the space better. 

The photos above are from Trex, but we’d encourage you to check their website right here for even more inspiration. 

Ready To Deck Design Design and Construction?

So are we! And there’s no time like the present (the video above has awesome info, or else you can check out this article dedicated to the benefits of wintertime deck construction). 

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