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High Impact Home Improvement Projects

High Impact Home Improvement Projects

Your house is a great place to invest your money. Whether you just moved in and need to personalize your space, you’re thinking of selling in the next six months, or want to ensure you increase your equity years down the road, remodeling with return on investment in mind is a smart financial move, no matter the season.

While not every project you decide on will give you a 100% return on investment, strategically selecting several high-quality, functional, and aesthetically cohesive home improvements can increase buyer interest and boost your overall home value. It’s best to make home improvements that serve your current functional needs as well as appeal to future buyers. This is your home, afterall!

After working with interior designers and real estate experts, as well as consuting our own expert team, we’re sharing the top remodeling projects that will increase your home's value. 

  • Increasing Your Home’s Livable Area
  • Updating or Adding a Deck 
  • Kitchen Remodeling 
  • Upgrading your Interior Finishings

Increasing Your Home’s Livable Area

Increasing the livable area of your home can be appealing, especially if you're working from home or your family is growing. Updating the flooring in your garage, mudroom, or basement can instantly give life to a seemingly unusable space. 

Set your home up to be snow, sludge, and dirt-resistant with a coating to protect your concrete floor. From mud rooms to garage floors to basement spaces, Webfoot Concrete Coatings has a 1-day concrete coating that will instantly bring style and value to your home. With our concrete coating system, your unused space will get not only an aesthetic makeover but you will enjoy increased durability for years to come. Adding to your home’s future value and creating the opportunity to enjoy more functional space in the present.

Spacious, organized garage with concrete coating.

Updating or Adding a Deck 

According to the 2021 Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine, a deck addition is a top home improvement. A composite deck, which can cost on average around $22,426, will recoup about 63% at home sale. 


Along with thinking about your deck construction as a project to increase your home’s value, there is also the personal enjoyment factor to consider. The National Association of Realtors assigns a “joy” score, from 1 to 10,  to various renovations. The higher the score, the more the enjoyment. Decks received a 9.8 out of 10, because:

  • 81% of homeowners reported having a greater desire to be home since completing the project
  • 74% have an increased sense of enjoyment when they are at home
  • 77% feel a major sense of accomplishment when they think of the project.

A deck gives you an incredible, highly-functional outdoor living space where you can enjoy the great outdoors, bask in the sunshine, host, parties and play with kids…all without leaving behind all the comforts of home. As an added bonus, it is the perfect project to take on when considering how to increase your home value.

Beautiful deck designed to enjoy the outdoors and add value.

Kitchen Remodeling 

Thinking about upgrading your kitchen? The median cost for a kitchen upgrade is $45,000 and has an expected return of around 67% . A complete kitchen renovation will cost an estimated $80,000, but you can also expect to recover about $60,000, or 75% of what you spend. When it comes to home improvement projects that add value, your kitchen is a great place to start. Popular, high-return kitchen upgrades include:

  • Adding a kitchen island
  • Painting or replacing kitchen cabinets
  • Upgrading appliances
  • Replacing countertops

Planning to sell? Stick with popular, on-trend colors for walls, cabinets, and window treatments. Remodeling to please yourself? Choose colors you love. Take a peek at our kitchen cabinet color guide to find a style that suits your taste and aesthetic.

Modern, updated kitchen with island.

Upgrading Your Interior Finishings

Investing in high-quality and timeless materials will eventually help the resale value of your home when it’s time to move out. Paint provides dramatic results with little investment. The cost to paint a room is much less than that of other home upgrades, and it's an easy home improvement. If you decide to hire a professional to do the work, expect to pay $3,600 to $6,000 for the interior of an average American house (about 2,400 square feet). 

Even if you just moved in, there is nothing wrong with spending a little extra on your home to get the finishes, cabinets, colors, and designs that you really want. In the majority of cases, these selections will give your home a finished and cared for look and feel. 

How Can We Help Increase Your Home Value

At Webfoot Painting our number one goal is making our customers happy. Whether painting the interior or exterior of your home, refinishing your wood deck, or tackling a build and repair project with our Carpentry team, we'll work with your schedule and budget to get your project done efficiently and to the highest quality.  No one cares more about the success of your project than our team at Webfoot. Webfoot offers: Interior/exterior painting, siding repair & replacement, deck building or deck refinishing, residential carpentry.

Beautiful custom kitchen.

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