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Have You Heard About Our Webfoot Painting Bootcamp?

Have You Heard About Our Webfoot Painting Bootcamp?

Drop and give us 20!

Just kidding.

Our Painting bootcamp is a little different (and a whole lot more fun) than that, but it is packed full of valuable training exercises that build craftsmanship, skill, and confidence.

This high-intensity training concept was born out of our need/desire to quickly acclimate new hires to the Webfoot Painting team, and begin to instill the core values, commitment to quality, and technical skills that they need on the job. While many of our new painters come to us with experience, we don’t limit our hiring process to those with impressive painting resumes. We’re most interested in finding dedicated, honest people who are excited to serve our clients well and make a living by providing seriously great services.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our House Painting Bootcamp

The day begins by gathering at a real project (there’s no better practice than working with the real deal). Typically, the home either belongs to a friend, or to a customer who agrees to have the project serve training purposes as well.

Having thoroughly saturated ourselves with coffee we begin taking the fledgling Webfoot employees through every step and stage, under the tutelage of one of our Crew Leaders and 1-2 Lead Painters. These are pros who know how to get it done and excel at sharing their knowledge and passion for painting.

Here’s a snapshot of the ground we cover:

  • Sanding
  • Scraping
  • Priming (and which primers go where)
  • Caulking
  • Masking
  • Masking windows using painters film
  • How much paint to apply
  • Painting trim
  • ...and more!

Perhaps most importantly, we always cover the WHY behind what we do, not just the HOW. This helps to cement and provide context for the skill, and why exactly it’s so important to do it the Webfoot Way.

Each step also involves what we call “Know, Show, Do, Review.” This process includes providing the knowledge they need, showing them how to do it, letting them do it, and reviewing their work. This hands-on approach lets them take real ownership over the learning process, and raises questions that only pop up when paint is meeting a surface and the brush is in their hands.

What Happens After Bootcamp?

Our Webfoot team then moves on to their permanent crews, freshly empowered by a baseline of crucial knowledge. The training only continues from here as they gain experience, learn new techniques, and grow toward their full potential.  After Bootcamp comes a full 2-week training review period where the new hire is graded on painting technical skills, appearance and punctuality, and, most important: attitude!  

If they make it through Bootcamp and get solid grades through the next 2 weeks, they are welcomed into the Webfoot family.  From there weekly trainings on customer service, craft skills, and technology continue on for as long as they are Webfooters.  

Are you getting the picture that we take our training seriously???

Why Should Our Training Techniques Be Important To You?

Maybe you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look, but are wondering how and why it applies to you and your Bend, OR house painting project.

Well, we want you to know how seriously we take our work, and how seriously we take your project. Our goal is to deliver an exceptional product and experience, and that all starts with the quality and skill of our team.

In short, we want you to feel comfortable with us. That’s what it’s all about, right?

If you have any more questions, contact our Webfoot Painting team office. It would be a pleasure to chat with you.

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