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Protect Your Home with Webfoot’s Fire-Resistant Decking

Protect Your Home with Webfoot’s Fire-Resistant Decking

A Careful Choice in Decking Can Save Your Home

Have you considered how a fire could impact your home? If it were to start on your deck…how would it spread? At least 4% of house fires will begin on a deck - with the biggest cause of house fires being unattended cooking, meaning that grilling on your deck only increases the chances of fire. Living in Central Oregon, the majority of properties in our area are also at risk for wildfires

Effective fire safety should be a priority for every homeowner. 

a home destroyed by fire
Avoid extensive fire damage by making an educated choice about your decking material.

Being conscious of the fire resistance of your decking can help a fire that starts outside to end outside. In fact, your decking may be the protective barrier that keeps your home safe from fire damage. 

All You Need to Know About Fire-Resistant Decking

Fire-resistant decking is decking made to a specific level of quality and resistivity to fire. This can include being non-combustible or treated with a fire retardant, depending on the decking material. 

There are many different types of fire-resistant decking, including:

  • Concrete Decking
  • Fire-Retardant Treated Wood Decking
  • Pressure Treated Wood Decking
  • Composite Decking

With any material, fire-resistant decking can better protect your property by preventing the spread of fire. 

Selecting Decking by Fire Class Rating

All fire-resistant decking is not made equal. The fire resistance of building materials is measured by Fire Class Ratings.

Fire Class Ratings classify materials based on their ability to “support and propagate fire.” With every rating, there is an assigned Flame Spread Index range. The Flame Spread Index tells you the rate the fire would travel during a ten-minute tunnel test. So, a lower rate of flame spread makes for a higher fire rating. (Source)

The Fire Class Ratings, with Class A being the best, are:

  • Class A; Flame Spread Index: 0-25 
  • Class B; Flame Spread Index: 26-75
  • Class C; Flame Spread Index: 76-200 

In simple terms, a Fire Class Rating tells you how quickly your decking will burn. The highest rating, Class A, is reserved for decking that takes the longest to succumb to a fire. 

Webfoot’s Decking Products By Fire Class Rating

Fortress Steel Framing: Class A

steel deck framing

Fortress Evolution Steel Framing is a sturdy metal deck framing system. Fortress Steel Framing has a Class A rating. (Source

TimberTech: Class A

TimberTech decking

TimberTech features capped polymer and capped composite decking. TimberTech combines sustainable manufacturing processes with innovative materials science to have Class A fire-resistant decking. (Source)

Trex: Up to Class B

Trex Decking

Trex is a popular, high-performance composite decking product. Trex’s Transcend and Select decking lines retain a Class B fire rating, while their Enhance decking lines retain a Class C fire rating. (Source

Get A Webfoot Deck - It's the Safe Choice.

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