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The Exterior Painting Process at Webfoot

The Exterior Painting Process at Webfoot

Paint Your House the Webfoot Way

Webfoot Painting is addressing the unknowns of the exterior painting process to help homeowners like you feel confident that you’re getting a Seriously Great paint job. Our dedicated paint crews understand what it takes to make the paint on a home hold up better and last longer. Webfoot’s exterior painting process is based on a commitment to the details. We take into consideration things like the type of materials we’re painting over, the flexibility of our products, and the overall durability of these products. The result is the most thorough prep, and longest-lasting paint jobs in Bend and all of Central Oregon. We only have one way to paint your house: the seriously right way.  

We’re explaining our exterior painting process, from prep to paint – to follow-up – to what makes Webfoot Painting so Seriously Great that you’ll be asking: “What else can Webfoot do for my home?”

What Impacts the Start of Your Painting Project

The only thing that can impact the start of a project is inclement weather, like extreme storms of rain or hail. With our 18+ years of experience, we’re able to offer homeowners an accurate timeline based on crew size, and we’re committed to completing your project once we start. We watch the weather closely to avoid delays during the process. 

Webfoot’s 10-Step Exterior Painting Process

Step 1: Initial Walk-Through

Our Crew Leaders begin the exterior painting process with a thorough walk-through of the project to inspect existing conditions. As a result, Webfoot offers a comprehensive painting process that avoids any surprises. 

Step 2: Pressure Washing

Before any prep work begins, we pressure wash EVERYTHING. The entire exterior of the house is fully washed down a day or two before we start the project. Our qualified Crew Leaders handle pressure washing, so the equipment is always being used by experienced and trained professionals.

Step 3: Taping and Masking

Using high-quality painter’s tape and wrap, we mask off everything that we don’t want paint on. This includes lighting fixtures, door fixtures, windows, roof lines, and more. Masking off windows also protects your home from dust and debris. 

Step 4: Trenching

We put our paint scrapers to good use to rake dirt away from the exterior walls and foundation of your home. This small detail makes a difference by avoiding sloppy paint lines on your foundation by allowing the paint to go below the ground surface. 

Step 5: Sanding & Scraping

We sand or scrape all areas with failing or peeling paint. Using orbital sanders, we can sand flat surfaces like fascias, window trim, or corner boards. Areas that we can’t sand, like wood siding or areas out of reach of sanding, we’ll scrape down to smooth with heavy-duty scrapers or thin paint scrapers. Our goal is to remove all failing paint to help the new layer of paint to last as long as possible.

Step 6: Priming

We prime any scraped and sanded bare wood areas. We use a product from XIM called Peel Bond. This is an exceptional primer that can prime basically any surface and demonstrates extreme flexibility when dry. We haven't found any primer that holds up to Central Oregon conditions better than XIM Peel Bond. 


Step 7: Caulking

We tend to any areas where caulking is failing, like around windows and door joints. We re-seal with Big-Stretch caulking that’s essential in our climate because it shrinks and expands.

Step 8: Painting

There are a few different ways we apply paint, including paint sprayers, brushes, and rollers. For smooth siding, we paint spray two coats to the industry standard of thickness, which is 3 mils. Then, we hand paint all of the trim with brushes and rollers with two coats of paint, too. For certain types of siding that are rougher, we’ll back-brush to make sure the siding absorbs the paint.

Step 9: Clean-Up

Webfoot prides itself on being a community-focused business of folks that you’re happy to have at your home. We’ll always leave your home looking better than it was when we got there, meaning a high-quality paint job and no mess left behind. 

Step 10: Final Inspection

Just like our projects begin, our process ends with our Crew Leader completing a final inspection with you, the homeowner. This helps us ensure every project meets Webfoot’s standards and that everything is to your liking.

The Special Case of Exterior Painting in Central Oregon

Central Oregon experiences extreme temperature swings that sets us apart from other climates.  A sunny, 90-degree day plummets to a chilling, 35-degree night, which is a drastic change that has an impact on your home. In a 24 hour period, your siding and trim expands in the heat, shrinks with the cold, and repeats the process with the new day. As you can understand, it’s best to prepare your home to endure these temperature swings, and Webfoot does that through this well-thought-out exterior painting process. Our process and materials best equip your Central Oregon home with a quality paint job that stands up to our unique weather conditions.

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