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Drywall Patching and Matching: Seriously Great Repairs and Containment!

Drywall Patching and Matching: Seriously Great Repairs and Containment!

The painting process is all about painting, but it’s also all about prep. And not just any prep, but epic prep.

After all, if you aren’t painting on a nice, solid, smooth foundation, the quality of the end result is going to be compromised. It won’t last as long, it won’t look as good, and you’ll be back brushing and rolling again sooner than you would’ve been if the job was done right.

Drywall repairs are one of the most labor-intensive forms of prep work, and they definitely require the right tools and experience for the result to be as seriously great as possible. Holes and damage left behind by removed fixtures, nail holes, couch corners, and flying toys from your oddly-strong toddler all take a toll.

Drywall Patching and Texture Matching

The Webfoot team developed a whole division (or should we say, “hole division”?) to expertly handle just these types of repairs, ensuring that we can make your walls look like new no matter what life (or your toddler) has thrown their way.

We aren’t scared of your repairs:

  • Ceiling cracks
  • Nail pops
  • Corner repairs
  • Holes
  • ...and more!

While every repair is important, some surfaces and environments are less forgiving than others. Our team, for example, can seamlessly repair drywall in extremely challenging areas, like on ceilings or walls that receive a high level of light reflection. There is just nowhere for damage to hide on brightly-lit surfaces!

And, our texture matching skill comes into play as we make sure your repair blends just as naturally as possible into the surrounding area. This takes real craftsmanship and experience - our team is heavy on both!

Total Containment Is Key

No matter how careful you are, drywall is a messy material to work with. It can find its way in and throughout a space like nothing else, leaving a fine residue that’s tricky to clean up.

We’ve found a solution to this by making sure our containment game is on point.

We use zip walls and double containment barriers to enclose and contain our work space, reducing dust just as much as possible. Especially if we’re working around furniture or right near an adjoining living space, we do all we can to protect you and your belongings.

Seriously Great Painting Services in the Bend, OR Area

We’re here to help, from the first step of repairs to the final handshake (or high-five). Contact us today to learn more about our painting, repair, containment, and cleanup capabilities!  

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