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Designing a Great Mantle for Your Bend, OR Home

Designing a Great Mantle for Your Bend, OR Home

Living Room
‍Photo by Emerick Architects 

If you browse your favorite design sites or magazines and look at the living rooms featured, one of the most common elements you’ll notice is a beautiful fireplace. Thankfully, with modern technology we are past the days of needing a fireplace to cook our food and keep our home warm, but their welcoming nature has earned them a permanent place in home design. Whether or not your fireplace functions, its mantle and surround have huge potential to add style and architectural interest to your living room.

Ways to Upgrade Your Mantle

The big question is, is your mantle doing everything it can to make your living room look spectacular? If you can’t answer yes to this, it is time to start searching for ways to really let it shine!

‍Photo by GR Home/Graciela Rutkowski Interiors

Incorporating built-ins on either side of your mantle is a great way to boost your space’s style while also adding functional storage or display space. Adding floor-to-ceiling built-ins is one option, but if you prefer to leave some wall space many homeowners opt for having lower cabinets or shelves installed on either side.

Cape Cod- Victoria
‍Photo by Christopher Developments 

Is the wall on which your fireplace situated not symmetrical? Doorways, windows, or an awkward layout can add a design challenge to bringing extra attention to a mantle. However, every design challenge is just an opportunity for a creative solution. It may require a little more thought, but adding cabinetry or shelving strategically can bring a sense of balance to your living space as it has in these homes:

Living Room
‍Photo by Laura Burton Interiors 
Deephaven Cottage
‍Photo by Stonewood, LLC 

Of course, built-ins aren’t the only way to upgrade the look of your Bend, OR home’s fireplace. Wainscoting, paneling, upgrading the trim, and paint are all simple changes that can elevate the style of your living room. To see even more great examples from real homes check out these before and after shots of mantles.

How Can We Help?

Did you know that in addition to being seriously great painters we also have a great carpentry team? Find out how we can unlock the full potential of your Bend, OR living room by transforming your mantle into a one-of-a-kind beauty. Call today to schedule your estimate.

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