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Deck Design and Construction in Bend, OR - Start Here!

Deck Design and Construction in Bend, OR - Start Here!

Building a deck is really never a bad idea. Well, unless you hate sunshine, cool evening breezes, and, you know, fun.

A well-designed outdoor space is a fully-functional extension of your home, offering direct access to private, outdoor relaxation - no shirt or shoes required.

On another practical note, decks are great for resale.

Few people are disappointed to see a beautiful deck space. Most just start choosing where their hammock is going to go as they scramble for a pen so they can sign your purchase and sales agreement.

Now that you’re even more convinced that you need a deck in your life, let’s take a look at a few practical design tips, just to make sure you get everything you need.

Deck Construction in Bend, OR - 6 Ways to Maximize Your Deck-Building Experience

#1 Talk to a Professional Deck Builder

Ambitious homeowners sometimes dive into deck construction projects on their own (how hard can it be to add a rectangle to your house, right?), but this really isn’t a good idea. A company that specializes in deck design and construction can deliver numerous benefits that are too good to miss, including:

  • Quality construction
  • Warranties
  • The convenience of a project delivered on-time
  • Zero headaches
  • Partnership in routine maintenance and care
  • Insight into the best materials for your needs and budget
  • Experience and ideas that help you get it right the first time (no expensive DIY trial and error)

#2 Which Material Is Right for You?

There are numerous wood options to choose from, but also composite materials. Webfoot Painting is a certified TrexPro Platinum Installer, for example. We are totally confident in and excited about the quality of their product, and also their incredible commitment to utilizing recycled materials in an environmentally-conscious way. 

Did you know that over 2400 grocery bags go into a single Trex deck board?

For more about the benefits of a composite, TrexPro deck, including the warranties/peace of mind available, take a look here.

#3 Location, Location, Location

Sometimes the placement of your deck is obvious, maybe due to specific constraints imposed by the design of your home. 

Other times, a little creativity is necessary, as well as construction experience and skill, to make sure that the deck is built in the most advantageous place. Maybe a single level deck doesn’t show off your yard the way it should. Maybe your home needs a few different deck zones and levels to avoid a massive sea of decking. By breaking up areas using levels, you can section off a dining zone or fire pit zone from the main lounge zone.  

#4 Consider Your Family’s Needs

It can be helpful to ask what your real goals are for the space, and what function is missing in the home that can be satisfied by your deck. 

Cooking? Eating? Living space? Depending on the size of your deck, you need to keep this focus in mind to make sure your outdoor oasis truly meets your needs.

Remember, a well-designed deck is so much more than just a rectangular platform. It can creatively offer additional, seating, storage, cooking space, and more. 

Built in storage for seasonal pillows and cushions- done!  Planter boxes for fresh herbs and chives near the grill- boom!  The key is to think beyond the hard materials and picture the next phase of actually using the space and what conveniences you’ll enjoy. These are the details that will make your deck the envy of your neighbors.

#5 Should Your Deck Include a Pergola?

If the sunlight is direct, you’ll wish you had one on your first hot day outside. A pergola offers the benefits of relief from the sun without totally blocking it, or creating the feeling of enclosed space.

You also can let climbing plants grow over a pergola if you have a green thumb, introducing a garden-vibe to your deck. Either way, a pergola adds a nice, new level of character to the design. Planning this out early, even if it’s just the plans for a future pergola, will allow the contractor to put in the appropriate support and sub structure to make your pergola addition an easy process down the road.  

#6 Illuminating Options for Your Deck Lighting

Lighting accessories is how you make your deck sing all day and all night. Although it’s not currently code, soon lights highlighting stairs will be required on all decks. On a basic rectangle there aren’t too many surprises, but if you have a deck with different zones and levels, these lights help guide and create atmosphere without having to kick on the floodlights - because no one looks good under a floodlight.   

LED lighting accessories are an inexpensive way to seriously upgrade your deck. With the new technology of LEDs, you can be sure they’ll last and they won’t require changing a hundred little bulbs each season.

Let’s Discuss Your Deck Building Goals!

The team at Webfoot is here and ready to help, offering seriously great experience, skill, and ideas. Our carpentry team has availability this summer to provide you with your dream outdoor living space. Contact us today!

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