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Deck Building in the Wintertime

Deck Building in the Wintertime

Who doesn’t love a nice deck? Seriously.

We love hanging out on a deck in the summertime with our friends and family, kicking back in style while barbecuing well into the cool evenings. Most people think of deck maintenance and repairs in the spring and summer; after all this is when our decks get the most use. What most people often forget is how long new construction or additions might take.

Sometimes there are also permits to secure.

Furthermore, purchasing a deck can be cumbersome when you factor in cost and timelines. Well, we're here to tell you that we can mitigate a lot of these issues by simply building, expanding, or repairing your deck in the wintertime. Crazy, huh! We know how it sounds. But we can do it. And it is a lot easier than you’d think.

We get it, you have some questions—and we have answers.

Why should I build or repair my deck in the winter?


This is a big one. Seasonal fluctuations mean that building a deck is typically a bit more wallet-friendly in the winter. While freezing temps can make it difficult to break ground, sometimes slowing down a project, it will not affect the cost of your project. In other words, we won’t charge you more because of inclement weather. We do understand that staying within the confines of your budget can be a concern - read more about cost here.

If your goal is to repair or repurpose an existing deck, it’s possible that we may even be able to use your existing footings, eliminating entirely the need to break new ground. How do you know if you need a repair or a replacement? We can help you decide!


Our schedules aren’t as jam-packed, meaning that we are more available to you! We can quite easily work around your schedule as well. More availability and flexibility means we can commit more resources to your project.


Depending on the size of your project, permits may be required by the city. But no need to fret; permits are much easier to secure in the wintertime. This is because there are generally fewer applications for permits during this time since most construction slows down once the bitter cold starts setting in. 

Needing a permit depends on a few different factors. If your project is a new build and sits 30 inches above ground, or more, you will need a permit. Additionally, decks that utilize three or more steps will also call for a permit to be issued.

Normally, if your project is a repair on an existing deck, a permit is not needed. We like to get a good look at your situation, however, so an on-site quote is needed in most cases.

You can visit the City of Bend website for more information on obtaining a permit for your project.


We can build, replace, or repair parts of your deck with a variety of materials. Composite decks are extremely cost efficient and look great. Decks made with these alternatives are long lasting and are typically made of eco-friendly, recycled materials. They are also super easy to clean and maintain. Need more reasons to love composite decking? Read this blog post!

If you're looking to go the more traditional route, we can fabricate your deck from a variety of natural wood options. Cedar, red cedar, redwood, mahogany, ipe, teak, and fir are all viable options. However, these decks typically do require a bit more maintenance, including finishing. We offer a variety of staining options. Although we cannot stain your natural wood deck in the wintertime, it's actually best to let your deck season throughout the winter season anyway. We call this allowing the wood to “weather.” Mill glaze is a film that can develop on lumber during production. Letting your deck weather during the winter can help to break down this film and better prepare your deck to accept stain.

Your Convenience

You probably aren’t using your deck much in the winter, making this an ideal time to work our carpentry magic. Most of us here in Central Oregon are spending the snow season hitting Mount Bachelor, or the sweet snowshoe trail at Virginia Meissner, amongst others.

Climate and Location

Depending on your location in Central Oregon, you may or may not experience snowfall. Either way, we can probably still complete your project without much issue. Winter makes for drier weather conditions. This is great for deck building since minimal heat and less exposure to mold and mildew is key. If you do experience snowfall in your neck of the woods, we can usually clear these areas without a problem.

Building or repairing a deck in the wintertime can be a great way to mitigate issues with cost, production, and contractor availability. We’d love to help you get an early start on your deck so you can enjoy it come spring or summer. Need another reason to get started? Check out these 7 Reasons to Invest in Deck Building. Click here for a quote, call us at 541-390-0590, or visit Webfoot Painting online!

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