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Concrete Floor Coating in Bend, OR: Our Top FAQ!

Concrete Floor Coating in Bend, OR: Our Top FAQ!

Have you seen our concrete floor coatings?

Probably a little hard to miss them since we’re having some SERIOUS fun promoting our projects on Facebook and Instagram. 

As this service has grown in popularity, we’ve been asked some fantastic questions by friends, fans, and clients. Here’s a quick look at our top FAQ, but if your specific question didn’t make the list please be sure to reach out. There’s nothing we love more than a concrete conversation!

Is This a DIY Coating?

We definitely live in a DIY (do it yourself) age, which is cool most of the time, but there are certain home improvement projects that just CAN’T be done effectively unless you have the right time, tools, and experience. 

While you certainly can go grab a cheap bucket of epoxy product or floor paint from your local big box store, there’s just no comparison there with the system we offer. Here’s the difference:

  • Our team is fully-certified, and this was no easy feat. We had to go through extensive training to become an official Penntek dealer.
  • You need industrial-grade equipment! Have you seen our grinder? It’s a Serious piece of equipment, designed specifically to prep the concrete for secure adhesion. This makes all the difference - prep is 80% of the process.
  • Polyurea is NOT epoxy. This specialized system is 4x stronger, more flexible, and will never crack, peel, or chip. Something this awesome can’t be dumped out of a bucket from a big box store. Find the full breakdown of why it’s so superior here!
  • We offer a 15-year residential warranty. You might be able to give yourself a high five, but you can’t write yourself a warranty (well, you could... but it may not be actually worth much).
  • We fill and repair first! As we mentioned above, prep is key, and this includes filling cracks and making sure the surface is sound and solid.

Can You Coat Outdoor Surfaces Too?

Absolutely! Garages may be super popular, but we can also coat driveways, patios, porches, walkways, poolside spaces, and more. Basically anything that’s concrete! And, the slip-resistant qualities of our coatings add extra traction and safety.

Do Your Concrete Coatings Smell Bad?

Let’s be real: epoxy can STINK. And linger.

Our system is polyurea, and adheres much, much faster. It’s also a low-VOC formula, meaning that it doesn’t create the chemical odor, and is much more environmentally friendly. In fact, we can coat basement spaces where ventilation is minimal!

How Long Until You Can Drive on Your Concrete Coating?

You can walk on it in 12 hours, move items back in after 24 hours, and drive on it in 48 hours! MUCH better than the typical 5-day minimum for an epoxy system.

Is Hot-Tire Pickup an Issue?

Epoxy systems, especially in hot weather, can peel and stick to your tires. Our polyurea system creates a chemical bond that adheres directly with the concrete, guaranteeing there will be zero tire pickup. 

Is It Slippery?

Nope! In fact, it exceeds the traction requirements set by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). The orange-peel texture helps, and we can also include special additives to increase traction, if needed. 

Last Question: What Can We Coat for You and Your Bend, OR home?

Seriously! We’re ready to get started on your project, whether you’re looking for a transformed garage or an epic basement man cave. Contact us today to set up a free consultation!

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