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Choosing a Seriously Great Living Room Paint Color

Choosing a Seriously Great Living Room Paint Color

Did you happen to catch our last blog?

If not, it’s right here (and it’s worth a read, if we do say so ourselves).

We featured a handful of trending interior paint colors that are stealing the show, predicted by manufacturers and color experts alike to be the top choices of the year. This kind of colorful inspiration is fun to keep track of for us as professional painters, but it also can be helpful for homeowners like you as you try to pick a new palette.

Today, let’s zero in on one of the most important spaces in your home: the living room. How can you wade through the options and pick a seriously great look for your specific home? Keep these tips in mind!

6 Tips for Choosing a Living Room Paint Color

If you read our last blog, you’re already ahead of the curve. Checking out annual trending paint colors will jumpstart your creativity in a big way (think bigger than off-white!).

After that, try these tips on for size:

  • Start by considering the vibe you want to create in your living room. Cozy? Sophisticated? Formal? Casual and fun? The answer to this initial question will help narrow your options. Think of color as a wardrobe for the space - are you going for “black tie” or “comfy clothes”?
  • Research color psychology! It’s really, really interesting. Different colors can create different moods, levels of energy, promote relaxation, etc... This is worth considering as you develop the mood and atmosphere you want.
  • How about any fixed colors? A brick fireplace is an awesome example of an existing feature that you’ll need to keep in mind. Or, maybe a unique architectural element, natural wood, etc...
  • What size is your living room? Remember, lighter colors tend to make a space feel larger, while darker colors draw the walls in close. If you’re going for a cozy look, a deeper color might be just fine, but if you’re trying to maximize a smaller space you’ll want to choose an option that works to your advantage.
  • As you ponder lighter vs darker colors, keep your lighting in mind. An abundance of natural light will open up your options, making darker colors more doable in smaller spaces. If light is harder to come by, you might want to compensate with a lighter color palette.
  • Don’t be afraid to test the waters! You should never totally trust a cardboard square to get a sense of whether or not a color candidate is the right one. Paint an actual sample, live with it, talk to it (if you want, we won’t judge), and see how it looks in different levels of light throughout the day.

Here’s a final tip for you: ask your professional painter for help! Not only will they have experience and industry insight, but many painting companies also can help connect you with color consultations. It’s really worth investing the time to make sure you’ll absolutely love your new look.

Interior Painting in Bend, OR

Need a hand with your interior painting project here in the Bend, OR area? Give us a call at Webfoot Painting! It would be our pleasure to serve you, answer your questions, and help you choose a seriously great color for your home.

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