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Building a Deck in Bend, Oregon? Pick Your Railing Carefully!

Building a Deck in Bend, Oregon? Pick Your Railing Carefully!

Is that dream deck finally coming together? Awesome! Let the good times roll.

There are a LOT of deck design and construction considerations to work through, from size and layout to storage, lighting, material choices, and more. In fact, we dedicated a separate article to a few tips and ideas to help you make the very most of your deck construction investment. Check it out here!

Today, let’s talk about an aspect of your deck that really doesn’t get enough attention. It’s a bigger deal than most people think, turning what should be a focal point into little more than an afterthought. 

Your railing. 


To help nail down the details and give you some epic advice, we chatted with our very own Caleb, an experienced Project Estimator and deck expert. Should we just call him a deck-spert? 

What Kind of Deck Railing Should You Get? Here Are 3 Tips

Here are Caleb’s top 3 tips:

#1: Follow the Rules

Most of us live in communities that either have HOAs or CC&Rs we have to abide by, and it's worth brushing up on the requirements and restrictions before you invest too much time in the railing shopping process. Some communities require painted railings to match the home, or ban certain types of railings all together. Know the rules!

#2: Consider Your Maintenance Goals 

Take into consideration how much maintenance you want to be paying for (or performing yourself). Most of our customers at Webfoot elect for maintenance-free options when they're rebuilding their decks. Trex has some stunning railing systems that have been incredibly popular, but my personal favorite is the Stainless Steel Cable infill railing system that has become popular in Central Oregon. Its low-visibility design means you can still enjoy breathtaking views while sitting on your deck. 

Caleb's favorite pick!

#3: Your Budget 

For some reason, railings are notorious for being an afterthought in a deck rebuild project. How much of the budget do you think railings typically take? The answer may surprise you... Railings typically eat up about 25% of the total deck project budget. 25%! Don't let railings become the afterthought of the project, and budget accordingly!

Remember: Your Railing Is 25% of Your Deck Building Project

That might be the biggest takeaway! So be sure to really think through your options, do your research, and don’t hesitate to ask your deck building company what they recommend, and why. 

If you live here in Central Oregon, reach out to the Webfoot team! We’d be Seriously thrilled to talk with you, and share the examples we have right in our showroom. 

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