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7 Reasons to Invest in Deck Building

7 Reasons to Invest in Deck Building

Summer has fully arrived here in Bend, OR, and it’s time to head outside to soak in all the beauty that this area has to offer. Sure, you could hop in your car and head to Deschutes National Park, or you could open your back door and unwind on your beautiful deck. But what if you don’t have a deck, or the deck that you have is considerably lacking? At Webfoot Painting, we think there are endless reasons why you should consider investing in a new deck for your home. 

Deck in the morning

Below are just a few of those reasons:

Decks Hold Their Value

Homeowners who invest in deck building are making a wise investment of both their time and money. A new survey by US News and World Report shows that upon resale, homeowners who install a new deck on their property recoup 81% of the building costs.

Decks Add Square Footage

Today’s budget-conscious consumers are spending more time at home, so they’re looking for extra entertaining space to bring the dining-out experience to their homes. Deck building and refinishing can add a roomy outdoor space for dining al fresco or hosting a backyard barbecue.

Container Gardening

Save a few dollars at the grocery store and gain the confidence that comes from growing your own tomatoes and herbs on your new deck. Container gardening is an ideal way to use your deck during the summer growing months. Not only will it fill your plate with delicious produce, it will bring your deck to life with color and vibrance.

Vacation At Home

Adults don’t usually get to spend much time outside; too many of us are chained to a desk all day. So why not unwind outdoors after a long day at the office? Not only will you get some much needed relaxation, but some fresh air and vitamin D as well.

Grill in Style

If your snazzy new grill and your shabby old deck are not exactly consistent, then perhaps it’s time to invest in deck refinishing or deck staining. With an updated deck you can sear steaks in style with the added benefit of protecting and extending the life of your deck.

Room for a Crowd

If you lack entertaining space indoors, a deck is the ideal solution. A large deck will allow you to host bigger groups in comfort, without the awkward elbowing that crowded indoor parties can bring.

Barefoot Living

Slivers are the worst, yet they can be a part of daily life if your deck has seen better days. When you protect your investment with deck refinishing or deck staining you protect your feet as well. Soon you can grab a book or a tall iced tea and head outside barefoot with nary a sliver in sight.

Now that we have convinced you that decks are a great investment and an ideal way to unwind, give us a call. Not only do we build and maintain beautiful decks, the Webfoot Painting team can also help you with exterior painting and gutter cleaning. One call to us will have your Bend, OR home spruced up and ready for summer.

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