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5 Ways to Maximize Your Pre-Holiday Painting

5 Ways to Maximize Your Pre-Holiday Painting

Ah, the holidays...

They may be joyous, but they also can be more than a little stressful if you’re no longer a kid (since you’re reading this, we’re guessing you aren’t).

If you enjoy having friends and family over, or maybe have no choice in the matter, you likely are looking for every possible way to make your home extra inviting and awesome. One of the best ways to do this (since time is definitely of the essence) is to invest in a little fresh interior paint. The key now is to maximize your project, adding the extra wow factor that will make even your mother-in-law smile as she walks through the door.

Ready to get rolling?

Interior Painting Tips for the Holiday Season

Here are a few strategies to try out!

#1. Call a Professional Painting Company

This is a seriously great idea. You have plenty on your to-do list already, and calling a pro is an awesome way to guarantee that the work will be done without taking up any more of your time.

And, no offense, but it’ll be done better, too.

Holiday schedules fill quickly for painting companies, so we recommend calling right away to see what kind of availability they have.

#2. Prioritize Your Painting

Top priorities? Any points of damage, or surfaces in high-traffic areas. Nothing drags down aesthetic appeal faster than holes, scuffs, water damage, dings, and gouges.

It’s also helpful to walk through your home like a guest would, and take note of the rooms and surfaces they are going to see. The hallway, for example, might be a top priority, while your home office can probably wait.

#3. Think High-Impact

What kind of projects will serve up that “wow factor” we mentioned? Maybe a bold accent color that acts as an awesome visual anchor in the living room, or how about an inviting front door that sweeps guests off their feet even more effectively than that ice you forgot to sand?

#4. Kitchens and Bathrooms

In the world of real estate, kitchens and bathrooms sell a home. In the world of prepping madly for the holidays, kitchens and bathrooms still sell a home (you never know, a guest might make you an offer).

These spaces are tricky to paint, so we definitely recommend talking to your local professional painting company. There’s just no margin for error in the unforgiving light of a powder room!

#5. Guest Spaces

Sure, you run the risk of your guests actually not wanting to leave, but having a stylish guest room is still worth it. Relaxing, earthy colors will turn the space into a retreat. Invest in a basket of travel-sized toiletries for the bureau and you’re almost ready to charge by the night (why not, right?).

Interior Painting Services in Bend, OR

Ready for a hand?

Call the team at Webfoot to discuss all of your interior (and exterior) painting needs. We’re here to help, and we’re seriously great (seriously humble, too). Contact us today!

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