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5 Ways To Make a Small Space Feel Bigger and Brighter

5 Ways To Make a Small Space Feel Bigger and Brighter

You know the song, “I’ve Got the Power?”


Well, now that it’s stuck in your head, let’s talk about interior painting. In case you’ve missed the connection, we’ll be more specific: we’re going to talk about the power of interior painting.

Sure, it’s trendy, it’s fun to choose, and it can radically transform your home, but interior paint can also be used strategically to make a space feel bigger. So, whether you have a powder room that feels like a phone booth (remember those?) or a living room that you wish was roomier, paint can be your cost-effective ticket to a positive change.

Interior Paint and Design Tips for Making a Room Feel Bigger - No Wall Removal Necessary

You can put down the hammer... Try these tips first!

  • Lighter and brighter! As a general rule, lighter paint colors can work wonders. This doesn’t mean, however, that white is best. You can choose a look with plenty of personality and warmth; just make sure that it’s going to accentuate the light and space you have, not absorb it.
  • Have fun with color! While it’s true that lighter paint colors will make a room feel larger, that doesn’t mean that bold and zesty color needs to be evicted. When used correctly, it can actually create a pleasant depth and variety that will really work in your favor. Add accent colors that are localized, with plenty of white space in between to break them up. An accent wall can be a stylish anchoring point, or paint the wall behind a bookshelf a bolder color to create the colorful contrast your smaller room needs.
  • Focus on lighting! Even if you’ve chosen a darker paint color, you can still counteract it by making sure there is plenty of light available. If you have a window, minimize any curtains or treatments. If natural light isn’t plentiful, use several smaller lights rather than an overhead (overheads create a central pool of light that shrinks rather than expands the room).
  • Try out minimalism. While your room doesn’t need to feel bare or spartan, do try to keep furniture and decorations to a minimum. The more open space you can create the better! Built-in shelving can be helpful, as well as furniture that doubles as storage space.
  • Paint stripes! Not only can wall stripes look really cool, but they either make the ceiling feel taller (with vertical stripes) or the walls feel longer (with horizontal stripes).

Talk To Your Professional Painting Company About Your Goals

An experienced house painter will be able to provide helpful tips and ideas for maximizing the room you have to work with. It’s worth asking!

If you live here in Bend, OR, we hope you’ll reach out to us at Webfoot Painting. We would love the opportunity to strategize with (and serve!) you.

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