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5 Unmistakable Signs That Your Home Needs Exterior Painting in Bend, OR

5 Unmistakable Signs That Your Home Needs Exterior Painting in Bend, OR

Unlike your car, your home isn’t equipped with flashy warning lights. And, until technological advancements and artificial intelligence make it possible, your paint won’t yell at you when you get home from work, demanding attention and TLC.


Until then (and we hope the days of vocal paint are still far, far away), you’ll have to rely on less obvious, but no less important, signs of trouble.

As professional house painters, we have seen countless cases where a home’s surfaces are ignored for so long that much more drastic repair and painting measures are needed than would have otherwise been necessary.

Ongoing, proactive exterior painting and maintenance is always the wisest route. Going back to our car example, it’s a little like changing your oil instead of rebuilding your motor once a year. Which really makes more sense?

Is Your Home Ready for Exterior Painting Services?

Here’s what you should watch for:

  • Fading - A high-quality satin sheen paint will hang onto its color integrity for much longer than a cheap flat sheen alternative, but eventual fading is inevitable. Particularly so on the sides of your house that experience the most direct exposure to sunlight and weather, i.e. the west and south facing sides.
  • Split Caulking - Did you know that inspecting and replacing damaged, brittle caulk is part of the exterior painting process? This helps to keep your home weathertight and efficient.  Look for splitting of caulk around windows/doors, posts, and where siding meets corner boards.
  • Peeling and Chipping Paint - One of the more obvious signs of decay, paint that is completely failing (maybe even taking a swan dive into your landscaping) needs to be addressed right away. It looks terrible, but it also opens the door to moisture, decay, pests, UV damage, and more.
  • Spider Cracks - Before paint begins to actually peel or chip, it often forms small spider cracks. If you see them, a paint job is in your near future.  Catch them before they become full-on paint failure and you’ll save some serious dough.
  • Wood Rot - Paint helps to seal out moisture, protecting the wood it covers. If your paint has broken down and wood rot has moved in, it’s time for professional wood repair/replacement and exterior painting.  This is commonly found on sills and ledges that can hold moisture.

Contact Your Local Painting Company and Kickstart Your Maintenance Strategy

As we mentioned above, it’s much better to be proactive rather than reactive. Routine inspections, touch-ups, and care is the cost-effective alternative to starting from scratch every time you need exterior painting services.

If you live in here in Bend, be sure to contact us at Webfoot Painting. It would be our pleasure to serve you!

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