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5 Tips for Protecting and Maintaining Your Deck

5 Tips for Protecting and Maintaining Your Deck

Here at Webfoot, we talk a lot about deck design and construction. It’s a huge part of the services we offer, and we’re pretty passionate about helping you maximize the potential of your outdoor living space.

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Today, let’s take a look at the deck you already have.

A little strategic TLC will keep it looking its best and in good repair for many, many years to come! This minimizes splinters in your feet AND the need for larger-scale repairs that could have been avoided. A win-win!

Deck Maintenance Tips for Your Bend, OR Home

Here are the best ways to show your deck a little love:

  • Annual Cleaning - Using a deck cleaning solution, give your surface a wash and a scrub. This removes any mold, mildew, and dirt that accumulates through the wetter months of winter especially, and restores a fresh shine. Just remember: leave power washing to the pros! A stream that is TOO intense can scar and damage the surface.
  • Keep It Clear - Debris, especially accumulated leaves, can harbor moisture and do serious damage (including fostering the growth of wood rot). Your deck is designed to drain and keep moisture to a minimum, and for good reason.
  • Routine Staining/Sealing - Your deck’s finish provides style for sure, but it also provides essential protection against wood rot, insects, UV damage, moisture intrusion, and more. If you wait until the finish is in bad repair, the damage may have already been done. Routine care is the way to go!
  • Be Careful of What’s Under Your Furniture! - Outdoor rugs are popular, and they offer helpful protection against the wear and tear of furniture, but they need to be the right material. Rugs made of recycled plastics (kind of like these, for example) are actually an awesome option because they don’t absorb moisture! And, you get bonus points for being eco-friendly.

Last Tip? Partner with a Local Deck Expert for Routine Maintenance

There is no substitute for working directly with a local deck professional. Our team at Webfoot can perform annual inspections, catching rot, damage, and compromised finishes early. This maximizes your peace of mind and minimizes the need for larger-scale repair and restoration down the road.

Have any other questions? Let us know! We’re here to help.

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