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5 Signs it's Seriously Time to Refinish your Central Oregon Deck

5 Signs it's Seriously Time to Refinish your Central Oregon Deck

Many are drawn to Central Oregon for sun and snow recreation. Ironically the hallmark temperature swings and weather extremes that characterize the high altitude desert we love to play in are the same atmospheric elements that wear down home exteriors and decks. With such harsh conditions, decks can weather upwards of twice as fast as in other less extreme environments. But how much exposure is to much exposure? You get your oil changed every 5,000 miles and your mountain bike serviced at the beginning of every season don’t you? Are you wondering what the warning signs are that your deck may need some TLC maintenance scheduled? Here’s a few things to look for… 

  1. Splitting and cracking 

If the wood in your deck is fracturing, splintering, bowing or warping, you are probably due for some repair. The wood is getting a bit worn and boards may need replacing. 

  1. Peeling and flaking

Are bits of old finish and stain starting to sluff off the wood on your deck? Is this happening in more than one location? Was your deck properly power washed before it’s last coat of paint, stain or finish was applied? It might be time to power wash or sand surfaces and re-coat. 

  1. Dry and aging 

Is your deck showing signs of premature aging? Does it look like it needs some hydration? Wood fibers will shrink and swell with rain, expand and contract with heating and cooling. If your deck is lacking a proper UV protectant coating, this will be exacerbated. A simple refinishing application could revive the health of your deck. 

  1. Fading and discoloration

Over time, foot traffic, UV light, weather conditions talked about above and/or chemicals in cleaners can deteriorate a deck. If you notice fading or discoloration - it’s probably time to give the pro’s a call. 

  1. Protruding screws

This one is a safety hazard as well as a warning sign your deck may be falling into disrepair. Loose screws can happen from the wear-and-tare of everyday use and from the contraction of wood decking during alternating hot and cold periods.

If any of these red flags ring true for your deck, it’s probably time to call the professionals.

Ignoring warning signs will only cause further damage. Call Webfoot straight away. We offer a free annual inspection. One of our exterior experts will assess your deck and develop a comprehensive, on-going maintenance plan. 

Year to year up-keep on your prized outdoor lounging space - YOUR DECK - is not only important for protecting home value, it's critical for backyard recreation. Preserving the life of your deck means cashing in on maximum uninterrupted hours of BBQing, sun tanning, herb gardening, reading, sipping adult beverages and everything in between! 

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