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5 Seriously Great Reasons To Build a Pergola in Bend, OR

5 Seriously Great Reasons To Build a Pergola in Bend, OR

Your deck called, and it wants a pergola!

No, seriously. Pergolas are becoming increasingly popular for a whole host of reasons, and we should know! Our deck and carpentry team has built a good number here in Bend, OR in recent years, either as part of a deck construction project or as an enhancement to a backyard space.

Let’s take a look at a few of the key reasons why the popularity of pergolas is on the rise!

Benefits of Building a Pergola

Ready? Take a look:

  1. Shade - This is a big one, especially if you love hanging out on your back deck or soaking up rays in the yard. The sun feels good, but it gets HOT after a while! A pergola offers a break from direct sunlight without completely obstructing it either - best of both worlds.
  2. Style - A well-built, attractively-finished pergola looks awesome, and adds warmth, character, and charm to your outdoor living space. It can also be decorated with climbing plants for a natural look, hanging lights, or whatever else you’re into.
  3. Defined Space - Especially if you don’t have a deck or patio, a pergola can offer a nicely defined space for cooking, sitting, card games, plants, your hot tub, etc... It creates a more organized, planned look.
  4. Long-Term Value - For all the reasons we listed above, pergolas are a marketable selling point for future resale.
  5. Versatility - Make it freestanding, attach it to your home, build it over your deck, put it in the middle of your yard... You can pretty much do anything you’d like!

Should You Build Your Pergola Yourself, Or Hire a Professional?

There is certainly an increasing love among homeowners for DIY projects, but we would caution you to be selective about what kinds of projects you tackle if you don’t have prior experience. Building a pergola may seem simple and like a basic structure, but there is a vast difference in build and finish quality when you hire a professional. Not to mention piece of mind knowing your new pergola isn't going to become the next water leak into your home...

A professional carpentry team can also help you navigate the material and finish selection process, ensuring that you end up with the very best pergola to match your aesthetic, budget, and maintenance needs. Did you know there are like 5 different grades of cedar???

And, let’s be real: wouldn’t you rather watch a team of pros put together your pergola instead of lose a bunch of weekends this summer?

We’ll Build It - You Enjoy It

Give us a call at Webfoot Painting when you’re ready to take your interest in pergolas to the next level. Our team is Seriously knowledgeable, friendly, and skilled!

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